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Updated on: November 24, 2015


Resumes do not hold a lot of appeal to hiring managers, even though they are powerful tools used to acquire new employees. There is only one way in which you can get them excited about reviewing a resume and that is through a perfectly written cover letter. A claim resolution specialist cover letter that succinctly articulates your interest in an advertised position and the company has the capacity to reach out to the hiring manager in a positive way. One that doesn’t do this is left in the lurch.


In fact, a cover letter is a demonstration of how your unique background, skills and experience make you an excellent fit for both the position and the company. Here are a few cover letter writing tips that will help you:

• Make clear connections between the information on your resume and position requirements
• Refrain from repeating information that you have already provided in the resume
• Describe specific accomplishments, experiences and skills that make you a perfect fit for the position
• Prepare a unique cover letter for each position that you apply for – do not send one standard cover letter to all
• Enthusiasm sells, so show that you have researched the company and the position and create a convincing case for why you want to work for that company in particular

And on we got to a sample to understand how to do this:


Claims Resolution Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Claire Stone
633 Pine Street
Englewood, CO 20102
(000) 300-8585
Claire @ email . com

November 24, 2015

Mr. Austin Wells
Hiring Manager
ICW Group
5361 W Tufts Avenue
Englewood, CO 15362


Dear Mr. Wells:

This letter and the enclosed resume is a strong impression of interest in the claims resolution specialist position currently available at ICW Group. I am confident that I have the necessary skills to work efficiently at this position. Let me briefly explain why:

• Track record of fostering and maintaining provider relationships with one focus in mind – facilitating current and future claims negotiations.

• Adept at initiating first contact with insurance companies by preparing proposals and other correspondence to reach successful resolutions.

• Hands-on experience in managing a high volume of claims, aimed at meeting set deadlines for closing claims.

I enthusiastically await discussing my qualifications in an interview and will contact you after few days to set up a meeting with you. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 300-8585.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Claire Stone

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