Executive Consultant Resume Sample

Updated on: June 2, 2017

The executive consultant resume is your main job application document and deserves due time and effort.

It needs to be paid exceptional attention to so that it creates a positive impression on the hiring manager.

But positive impressions do not come without effort. The amount of effort that you place into writing a resume shows in the content.

Here is a sample resume for executive consultant position to look through:



Executive Consultant Resume Sample



Samantha Cougar

4 Greyhawk Avenue | Bend, OR 69021
(000) 358-4151 | samcoug @ email . com


Performance Summary
Resourceful and well-organized Executive Consultant with 12 years of extensive leadership experience in the resolution of highly strategic and sensitive issues and projects. Track record of providing expert level consulting support to functional areas of realize leaders’ strategic agendas.

• Effectively directs teams of consultants, project managers and administrative staff to lead large projects or multiple programs
• Skilled in developing proposals to outline proposed project structures, approaches and work plans
• Ability to design research plans for data gathering and analysis, and interpret analysis to develop action plans accordingly

Professional Skills

✓ Planning Support ✓ Strategic Planning
✓ Process Improvement ✓ Resource Allocation
✓ Quality Control ✓ Client Delivery Sessions
✓ Data Synthesizing ✓ Communication Plans Execution
✓ Communications ✓ Strategic Vision Execution
✓ Problem Resolution ✓ Progress Monitoring


• Improved communication procedures, ensuring appropriate flow through different departments
• Implemented a series of quality control processes which resulted in increased partner satisfaction
• Successfully managed to allocate resources in an optimum manner, resulting in fewer incidents of resource overdraft.
• Developed core data synthesizing metrics, resulting in effectively identifying lagging capabilities.


Executive Consultant
Hill International Inc., Bend, OR | 2011 – Present

• Provide core consultation and analysis regarding performance and strategic opportunities
• Identify effective means of resolving issues and ensure that problems are resolved before they become crises
• Develop proposals outlining proposed project structures, approaches and work plans
• Interpret analysis and develop action plans accordingly along with providing direction to content experts
• Support the planning and execution of key business processes such as performance management and strategic planning
• Execute tools and systems such as project plans, risk assessments and resource allocation work
• Direct and provide quality control for assigned teams’ analytic and research work
• Develop executive and business processes and communicate results to clients, along with reviewing and summarizing clients’ data

Project Manager
GEP, Bend, OR | 2005 – 2011

• Created and implemented project metrics and specifications according to established protocols
• Ascertained that each project participant was made aware of his or her duties and that they performed them properly
• Analyzed project metrics to determine its direction and ensured that it was properly executed
• Created and submitted project reports outlining its scope and progress, and ensure that it was timely communicated to the project director
• Contacted sponsors and grantors to obtain funds for projects, effectively outlining the benefits and outcomes of the project

Oregon State University, Bend, OR | 2004
Bachelor of Business Administration