Entry Level Artist Resume With No Experience

Updated April 4, 2022
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There are all types of artists out there – ones that work with pencils and paints and even graffiti artists!

But! We are talking about the artists that are all the rage nowadays – digital artists!

Digital artists work with technology to make creative images for their clients.

If you are a trained digital artist, this resume example is for you to use the next time you want to apply for an artist position!

Sample Entry Level Artist Resume With No Experience

Frank Hose
73 Meade Springer Road
Ashland, KY 87888
(000) 999-9999


“I offer creativity in producing graphical designs using popular design tools and programs.”

• Working knowledge of creating innovative and engaging visual content.
• Ability to conceptualize practical uses of new and emerging technologies to drive a better brand experience.
• Able to maintain a keen awareness of the latest trends pertaining to design, color, patterns, and fashion in general.
• Adept at designing, organizing, and presenting high-quality content

Kentucky University of Technology – Ashland, KY
Master’s Degree in Graphic Design – 2021
Projects and Achievements
• Designed an application (for internal use) that managed color correction, retouching, and image restoration.
• Developed a logo and font for a company in a record time of three hours accepted immediately without a single revision.

• Final Cut Pro  
• Adobe Suite  
• Avid Pro Tools  
• Blender


Digital Artist Intern
X-Factor Designs – Ashland, KY
Mar 2021 – Apr 2022
• Developed concept art graphical design pieces
• Designed and developed interactive scenarios in 3D and 2D
• Created, photographed, and manipulated custom content
• Interfaced with other artists and designers
• Performed color correction and image restoration
• Developed logo designs, fonts, and other graphical images for clients

• Fully-developed aesthetic sense
• Creative, detail-oriented and innovative
• Self-motivated and well organized
• Excellent communication skills