Artist Cover Letter Example

Updated August 31, 2018


The term “artist” does not apply to any one type of artist as was the case some years ago. There are many types of artists in this age of digital and electronic media – one of the popular ones being a digital artist.

Digital artists work with technology to come up with different images for clients. This job requires aesthetics and rigorous training.

Take a look at this cover letter sample to apply effectively for artist job.



Artist Cover Letter Sample


6 Pellville Road
Hawesville, KY 66645

August 31, 2018

Mr. Anthony Jackson
Manager HR
Tenth Sports Designs
635 Devlin Place
Hawesville, KY 66666


Dear Mr. Jackson:

As an experienced and enthusiastic artist, I believe that I am the person that can do justice to the Artist position currently available at Tenth Sports Designs.

I have a verifiable track record of creating innovative and engaging visual content, especially for marketing initiatives. A well-organized individual who believes in managing design projects from concept to completion which is the reason for being commended by clients and supervisors many times. Moreover, I have a firm understanding of visual concepts such as color theory, design, and composition which assists me in managing excellent content across a variety of subjects. Over and above, I am well versed with Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, 3DS Max and Blender and I am continuously seeking new programs to learn to better the quality of my work.

As an impeccable individual by nature, I like my work to be error-free and perfect in composition. Offering this quality and skills mentioned above, I offer my resume (attached) for your review and will call you soon to arrange a mutually convenient interview time. Alternately, I can be reached at (000) 222-2222.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Salina Cox

Attachment. Resume

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