Graphic Artist Resume Objectives

Updated on: August 27, 2016

Resume objectives are written by YOU but they need to be in the third person. Using words such as “I” and “me” is not recommended. Think of resume objectives as summaries that depict what a colleague or a supervisor will say about you professionally. An objective on a resume tells an employer how well you can fit into his organization, on his demands.

Some helpful key questions that you can ask yourself before writing an objective on your resume include:

• How many years of professional experience do I have?
• What areas of expertise makes me stand out from the competition?
• What have been my most significant accomplishments throughout my career?
• Have I earned any special awards or recognition, academically or professionally?
• What specific knowledge and unique skills do I have that are relevant to the job for which I am applying?
• How can I contribute to the overall performance and growth of the company?

One thing that you need to look out for (rather, omit from the objective) when writing a resume objective is vagueness and self-serving phrases. The resume is never about you. It is always about them – the employers. The goals that you identify in your objective, actually define the focus of the remainder of your resume. That is how important a resume objective is.

What follows is a list of resume objectives for a graphic artist position that will help you in writing your own:

Sample Objectives for Graphic Artist Resume

• Highly motivated and aesthetically inclined Graphic Artist seeking a position at Wish Foundation utilizing exceptional skills in determining clients’ specific design requirements and providing them with correlating proposals.

• Graphic Artist with over 7 years of experience in designing graphics, branding and marketing materials, presently looking for a position at Logo Nation. A creative individual who is known for effective planning and designing skills and a great ability to provide clients with designs and end products in exaction to their requirements.

• Desire a Graphic Artist position with All Points Logistics. Offers 5-plus-year track record of providing graphic arts development support. Deep insight into creating and visualizing ideas graphically for both print and web media.

• Exceptionally talented and creative Graphic Artist with special skills in preparing and overseeing development of original designs, drawings, graphs, charts and models, looking for work at SAIC Solutions and Services.

• Graphic Artist with documented success in planning and designing production of graphics according to the specific instructions and requirements of clients. Eager to apply exceptional skills in revising subject matter for graphic presentation, selecting materials and designing appropriate formats.