Design Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 25, 2019

It is quite a challenge to write a cover letter for a design assistant. Why?

Well, working as a design assistant is not your usual run-of-the-mill job, so it is evident that your cover letter has to be unique. A cover letter that stands out from others is what you should be aiming for.

Design assistants are creative people, so employers look for creativity in their job applications.

However, writing one that boasts all colors of the rainbow and funny fonts will not get you anywhere. While many employers may not mind either of these, it is best to play it safe.

Your experience and abilities as a design assistant should be made evident in your cover letter.

You may choose to use conventional language or one that is slightly flowery in nature, depending on how you want your cover letter to sound.


Use of too much of a flowery language, however, can be more harmful than helpful.

What follows here is a cover letter sample for a design assistant resume. This example will help you understand how to write one:


Design Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Jane Forsyth
(000) 888-8565

July 25, 2019

Ms. Suki Jagger
Creative Director
Frontier Communications
56 Griffin Road
Wilmington, DE 16350


Dear Ms. Jagger:

Would a person with 3 years of design experience, combined with a master’s degree in Interior Designing be of interest to you? What if that person could couple her experience with the ability to produce novel design concepts that have not been seen by the world yet? I am a designer without boundaries, and if this describes the professional you want to represent your company, please give me your consideration.

I am interested in expanding my professional horizons by working for the best design house in Delaware, i.e., Frontier Communications. I have a firm understanding of advanced designing concepts and possess the ability to incorporate them into modules, aimed at creating innovative interior and exterior designs. I believe that my skills, as noted on the enclosed resume, combined with my formal education as a designer,  would facilitate your company by virtue of novel ideas.

Maintaining knowledge of the fact that resumes help you sort out “probables” from the “possibles”, I would like to meet with you and prove to you that I have the dynamics that make for a high-impact contributor to your design team. I will contact you for a possible meeting time tomorrow and can be contacted at (000) 888-8565 if you would like to speak to me.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Sincere regards,


Jane Forsyth

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