Electrical Designer Resume Sample

Updated on: October 15, 2019

Companies are extremely careful about who they hire as electrical designers, because it is a fundamental job covering some very basic functions from start to finish.

Therefore, you need to be careful about building your resume as this is the document through which the hiring manager will decide whether or not to call you for an interview.


You have to make a resume in which your suitability for the job jumps off the page, because there will be other candidates doing the same.

So, be careful about every section of the resume.

You have to enable the hiring manager to decide that you are the best candidate for the job.

Therefore, be careful about listing your skills for the job, specifically your ability to read and understand electrical designs and drawings.


Last but not least, make sure your resume format is simple but clear. If the hiring manager can’t read the resume or make sense of it, into the waste bin it’ll go.

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Electrical Designer Resume Example


Albert Sandberg
17Elm Road, Norfolk, VA 43743
(000) 232-4345


Top-performing Electrical Designer with 7+ years of experience in designing and testing electrical systems using different CAD software. Thorough understanding of national standards like the National Electric Code. Good communicator with the ability to work in a team-oriented environment.

– Electrical Designing
– Labor Selection
– Time Estimation
– Team Monitoring
– Wood Sizing
– Preventative Maintenance
– Safety Precautions
–  Requisitions Handling

• Trained 65 junior designers in CAD software
• Invented a revolutionary new way of imbedding new design templates in software that reduced time by 35%
• Overhauledthe team process and decreased process time by 25%
• Redesigned systems, thereby cutting down the processing time by 15% to make it more efficient


Electrical Designer
Century 21 Electrical Works, Norfolk, VA| 6/2012 – Present

• Assess need for electrical designs and make them in CAD software
• Work with vendors and suppliers to ensure they are up to the mark with company needs
• Review drawings by suppliers and vendors to ensure they were according to the company’s specifications
• Test all designs to minimize future problems
• Make cost and labor estimates
• Document schematics and diagrams though design process
• Keep the team up to date on all workings to ensure flow of information
• Oversee the installation of the electrical systems, including follow up for smooth running
• Monitor the electrical system to ensure it ran with a minimum of trouble
• Supervise the overall team to ascertain disciple and smooth working of processes
• Play the role of troubleshooter for all problems associated with system design and installation
• Make regular, detailed reports to line manager to document project progress
• Create feasibility report for these new designs

Electrical Assistant
Lifesit Software, Norfolk, VA | 2/2011 – 5/2012

• Assisted in ensuring the work of vendors and suppliers was according to national standards
• Helped in making regular reports
• Aided in making designs in CAD software
• Facilitated in making cost and labor estimates
• Supported line manager in making feasibility reports for new designs

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
Community College, Norfolk, VA – 2011

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