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Updated on: September 13, 2015


Despite many people telling you otherwise, cover letter formats do make a difference. Where you write the date and how you address the hiring manger show that you bothered to spend time on your cover letter. Action openings and closes are important to the success of your cover letter as well. It is all very well to say call me at (111) 111-1111 but if you also write I will call to ask for a convenient date and time for an interview, you are displaying your proactive side. Employers like proactive people.

A no action close hands the control of the interview process over to the employer. It suggests that you will wait tight until you are called for an interview – this is a very weak way to close a cover letter. There are several different ways to write an action close including:

• I will email to you in a few days to coordinate a time to meet…
• I look forward to speaking to you personally and will call you…
• I would welcome a personal interview to discuss my qualifications…
• I hope to play an active role in your company…
• I will contact you within a few days to determine if you can meet with me…

Notice the preemptive quality of all these closes? That is what you need to use. Something like this:

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Orthodontic Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Joshua Odato
22 Pine Ave
Litchfield, NH 20102
(000) 321-8545
jos.odato @ email . com

September 13, 2015

Mr. Sam Worth
Manager Human Resource
Happy Teeth
3019 Burgees Drive
Litchfield, NH 27812


Dear Mr. Worth:

Road-tested but not battle-scarred, I offer the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver the expertise that you require in an orthodontist assistant. Please allow me to document my abilities through this letter:

• Hands-on experience in delivery of quality chair-side assistance by ensuring timely and efficient tray setup
• Competent at educating patients in handling their oral hygiene needs, along with providing them with post-operative instructions
• Track record of utilizing complex orthodontic photography machines to take facial impressions and dental x-rays
• Proficient in mixing amalgam, cement and pulp paste and preparing impression materials according to specific instructions provided

Thank you in advance for reviewing my resume. I enthusiastically anticipate discussing my qualifications and skills in an interview. I will email to you at the end of next week to validate your interest in my candidature. If you would like, you can call me at (000) 321-8545.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Joshua Odato

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