Dental Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 15, 2020

A Dental Administrative Assistant Cover Letter is a single-page document that usually goes along with your resume and job application documents.

With many resources available online, Dental Administrative Assistant cover letter writing is not a big issue now. It must be remembered that everyone can write a cover letter by viewing a few samples online. What everyone cannot do is to add the right type of information.

As a matter of fact, your cover letter is all about your qualifications, coupled with your passion. The following is a sample cover letter to send with a dental administrative assistant resume.

Sample Cover Letter for Dental Administrative Assistant

Samantha Dahl
(000) 590-5241

August 15, 2020

Mr. Ronald Nelson
Human Resource Manager
Fallbrook Dental Group
900 Reli Road
Athens, GA60020

Dear Mr. Nelson:

I am enthusiastically responding to your Dental Administrative Assistant job advertisement. Fortunately, my qualifications align exceptionally well with your needs, therefore, I feel confident that I will do a great contribution to maximizing your profits.

First of all, I offer over five years of experience in managing both clerical and administrative work. Particularly, I am exceptionally talented in scheduling appointments, handling follow-ups, and ensuring proper inflow of patients to provide patients, visitors, and staff with the best services.

Moreover, I have a track record of working with insurance companies to determine patients’ insurance coverage and ensuring that claims are paid on time. My skills in creating and maintaining records of patients, and ensuring that they are kept updated are phenomenal.

Besides that, my communication and multi-tasking abilities, coupled with great attention to detail, will be a real asset for you. Not to mention, my employers recognized me as a passionate individual who is open, positive, and flexible, with a professional work attitude.

All things considered, I am positive that I can bring the reputation of your dental office to new heights.  To further discuss the information provided here, I’d like to meet with you. If you need any additional information that may not be part of my job application documents.


Samantha Dahl