Air Traffic Controller Resume Sample

Updated on July 28, 2015

When a job for air traffic controller/air space manager is advertised, the employing company is flooded with resumes; so many that the hiring manager rejects each one if he or she doesn’t get interested the minute he begins to read it. So what will make sure your resume for air traffic controller position doesn’t get rejected?

Well, there are several tricks you can use. One is to write everything in a reverse chronological order. The prospective employer is not interested in how you began your career: he wants to see what you’ve done recently, because this is what will show him that you can do the job.

Another trick is to use the same words that the hiring manager has used to describe the job. It’s the tricks like this that will make him give your resume a second look, and get you to an interview.

Let’s take a look at the resume sample of an air traffic controller:


Air Traffic Controller Resume Sample


Oscar Jael

567 Jenoby Street ● Blue River, NY3976 ● (111) 111-1111 ● o.jael @ email . com

Air Traffic Controller

SUMMARY: Innovative and self-motivated individual with hands-on experience in air traffic control and handling five or more aircraft simultaneously at large airports. Track record of observing and reporting airport advisories, as well as ensuring that safety measures are undertaken. Demonstrated expertise in ensuring all actions take place according to FAA regulations. Familiar with certification requirements and maintaining certification for the airport. Focused on maintaining airport security as well as that of airplanes.


• Landing/takeoff instructions issuance
• Providing up-to-date information to pilots
• Aircraft emergency handling
• Airplane movement monitoring and directing
• Ground traffic management
• Aircraft route management

• Successfully coordinated the simultaneous landing of seven jets just before fog enveloped the airport
• Effectively coordinated the emergency landing of a DC-7 with engine failure. There were no casualties and few injuries
• Successfully coordinated the landing of a large aircraft with both radar outage and visual impairment
• Introduced an safety regulations program that resulted in 17% decrease in accidents


Blue River Airport, Blue River, NY | 6/2008 to Present
Air Traffic Controller
• Provide air control services to aircraft at the airport and its environs
• Coordinate plans and actions with pilots and other controllers
• In a crisis situation, make judgments and select the best possible course of action regarding aircraft and runway
• Manage air traffic control services and observe and report airport advisories
• Observe and report equipment failure to concerned airport managers
• Immediately report weather conditions both to aircraft and to concerned airport managers
• Ascertain safety and other regulations are met by the airport, including FAA requirements
• Maintain all necessary certifications and provide training for personnel, basic and journeyman

Blue River Airfield, Blue River, NY | 1/2004 to 5/2008
Air Traffic Controller Assistant
• Kept radio contact with aircrafts and directed the movement of planes
• Instructed aircrafts to descend or climb and allocated cruising levels
• Provided instructions regarding severe weather conditions and led aircrafts away from possible impact
• Ascertained that appropriate distance is maintained between planes
• Controlled movements on runways and handled ground movements of planes and vehicles

STATE UNIVERSITY, Blue River, NY – 2002
BS – Aviation Management