Pipefitter Welder Resume Sample

Updated on: December 12, 2019

So you are glad that your resume for pipefitter/welder position is ready, but you’re wondering if there’s a trick to make it more effective.

Well, of course, there is! In fact, there are several.


Firstly, customize your resume to match the specific job advertisement. That said, you can’t just send a general-purpose resume – you need to tailor it to match what they’re asking for in the advertisement.

Secondly, use the same keywords the hiring manager has used in the advertisement.

Take a look at a resume sample of a pipefitter welder to get a better idea:

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Pipefitter Welder Resume Sample Template



George Cruise
380 Palm Street, Rainbow, TX 77778
(000) 333-3333 | g.cruise @ email . com


Self-motivated pipefitter with 5+ years’ hands-on experience in laying out, aligning, fitting and welding components together Demonstrated ability to repair products by straightening, dismantling, and reshaping. Great organizational skills and a highly developed sense of responsibility. Extensive knowledge of various kinds of pipes as well as welding in various organizations. Hands-on experience in installing HVAC systems and assemblies management.

• Threading and ending pipes using pipe bending machines
• Reading blueprints and working to exact job specifications
• Installing metal and non-metal pipes post site inspections

Arc Welding | Threading/Bending
Work Precision | Systems Operation
Pipe Assembling | Physical Dexterity
Blueprints Reading | Preventative Maintenance
Gas-shielded/Submerged Arc | Bending Machines 

• Effectively pointed out an error in piping in a set of blueprints that would otherwise not have been noticed
• Led an industrial piping system through a pressure test which revealed flaws that could have led to complex leaking issues
• Successfully planned and implemented the installation of equipment for heating and cooling systems in an industrial setting
• Trained 19 new pipefitters in installing and maintaining refrigeration and airconditioning systems


Pipefitter Welder
PUMPS AND METERS, Rainbow, TX | 6/2017-Present
• Layout, fabricate, assemble, and install piping systems and fixtures
• Install equipment for steam, hot water, heating and cooling systems, and industrial systems
• Read blueprints to select materials according to job specifications
• Plan installation sequences and thread and end pipes with a pipe bending machine
• Use cemented, wiped, soldered, chalked, or threaded joints to assemble and join piping
• Secure pipes and piping systems with hangers, brackets, and clamps
• Use pressure building to test piping systems for leaks
• Repair and maintain pipe systems and components and secure pipes to radiators and tanks
• Select materials such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders according to each work process

Pipefitter Apprentice
JADEN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS, Rainbow, TX | 1/2014-6/2017
• Assisted in selecting materials according to job specifications
• Provided support in planning installation sequences
• Threaded and ended pipes with pipe bending machines in accordance with conformance requirements
• Under supervision, cemented, wiped, soldered, chalked, or threaded joints to assemble and join piping
• Used hand tools to secure pipes and piping systems with hangers, brackets, and clamps
• Cleared work areas to ensure optimum work procedures and investigated possible hazards
• Cleaned and maintained tools and equipment and ensured that they are stored properly

High School Diploma