Construction Foreman Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated on: December 15, 2019

No experience as a construction foreman is no problem as long as you put in extra effort when writing a cover letter to apply for this position. In particular, your cover letter should highlight your ability to work in a leadership role, within the construction arena.

How to Write?

Your cover letter should primarily allow the hiring manager to overview your skills and qualifications. In your letter, emphasize what you know about overseeing the work of labor, and providing guidance and mentorship.

Also, focus on your ability to handle construction projects from initiation to completion. Basically, you should be able to convince the hiring manager that you are the best out of the lot, even if you are not experienced as a construction foreman specifically.

If you have worked in a construction capacity before, hint at your experience in it. The hiring manager will want to know that you know at least something about the work.

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Here is how your cover letter should go:


Construction Foreman Cover Letter No Experience


Mark Jacobson
(000) 103-9933
[email protected]

December 15, 2019

Mr. Sylvester Lone
Human Resources Manager
Moore Construction Company
99 Treble Road
Kent, OH 97021


Dear Mr. Lone:

I am passionate to join Moore Construction Company as a Construction Foreman. My training aligns well with the qualifications that you are seeking, and I am certain that I will be a valuable addition to your organization.

As can be seen on the attached resume, I am proficient in providing an engaging environment for construction laborers, while mentoring and guiding them towards individual and company goals. Some key skills that I offer include the following:

• Unmatched ability to assess job priorities and make correlating decisions
• Knowledge of monitoring workers in order to ensure timely project completion
• Ability to create construction budgets, and spend within set parameters
• Familiar with producing schedules, and monitoring attendance of worker time entries

Supervising the use and maintenance of construction equipment and tools is another area of strength that I offer. Furthermore, I am focused on ensuring that all safety precautions and quality standards are consistently met.

My references say that I am a conscientious and proactive leader, who routinely follows tasks from initiation to completion. I would bring the same expertise and enthusiasm to your organization, which I have exhibited during my apprenticeship.

The attached resume details my skills and background. If you require further information, I would be happy to provide it. If your needs are immediate, please contact me at (000) 103-9933. I look forward to a face to face meeting between us.




Mark Jacobson



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