Dental Hygiene Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 18, 2020

Common skills for dental hygiene position include the ability to communicate properly and meet deadlines. Unfortunately, these are not the only skills that an employer wants.

While these might be the soft ones, an employer will always look for a candidate who is proactive and can actually do the work meted out to him. This means that job-related hard skills mean a lot to a prospective employer who is looking for the “perfect” employee.

Resumes are our best bets to chart out our skills.

Let’s take an example. Two people apply for the same job and are asked the very simple question – do you think you are well-qualified for the job?

Both say yes, but one continues to say why he feels well-qualified for the job. While both are skilled, the one who elaborates will probably win the position.

Similarly, in a resume, the need for elaboration is high. You do not just write that you are a qualified individual – you show it too, through your written communication skills.

One should assume that for every job that one applies for, there are at least 5 other people who are equally or better qualified than one is. Make your resume speak volumes for your skills in doing the job and who knows, you might come on top of all of them!

To see how a dental hygienist writes his skills in a resume, refer to the list below:

Sample Skills for Dental Hygiene Resume

• Well-versed in handling patient screening procedures including assessment of oral health conditions and reviews of health histories.

• Competent at operating dental x-ray machines to take and develop radiographs by following standard procedures.

• Hands-on experience in removing calculus and plaque from teeth surfaces by following standardized dental procedures.

• Proven record of effectively counseling patients about good nutrition and how it impacts oral health.

• Skilled in creating impressions of patients’ teeth for study casts, as part of the patient treatment evaluation program.

• Able to treat tooth and gum disease and providing information on how to prevent decay and oral diseases.

• First-hand experience in charting intra-oral and extra-oral conditions such as periodontal charting and occlusion classifying.

• Deeply familiar with effectively designing hygiene assessment and treatment plans, aimed at assisting patients in handling their oral hygiene needs.

• Proficient in applying fluorides and sealants in prescribed manners to prevent tooth decay.

• Highly effective in integrating appropriate dental hygiene care with other healthcare professionals to ensure delivery of exceptional coordinated care.

• Ability to organize and perform preventative oral healthcare presentations at both offsite and onsite locations.