House Painter Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 17, 2020

When you get an interview for the House Painter position, keep in mind that the preparation will save you a lot of grief on the interview day!

Find out who is interviewing you and be prepared to wait for your turn on the day of the interview.

You might find it quite nerve-wracking waiting outside the interview room for half an hour or more but be prepared for this wait as usually, interviewers take their time in asking questions.

The person before you may be getting grilled, resulting in you having to wait an extra 10 minutes. Expect this to happen!

Projecting a winning “can do” attitude in the way that you present yourself is imperative. With your attitude and self-confidence, you can do wonders in telling the interviewer why you are a great fit for the house painter’s job.

And make sure that you are aware of how to handle the interview non-verbals. What are these?

Your body language and how you shift your eyes is another way of communicating with the interviewer. 

For a house painter job, you may be asked the following specific questions at the interview:

House Painter Interview Questions and Answers

1. What specific skills do you possess that will make you a good contender for a house painter’s job?

From preparing worksites singlehandedly to applying finishing coating to paint jobs, I am proficient in all. Not only can I paint walls the conventional way but I can also handle glass tinting, wall embossing, mural painting, and digital wall printing activities.

2. What has been your largest house painting project?

I was recently employed to handle a large house painting project, commissioned by a government organization. There were 54 houses that I needed to paint within a 6 month time period.

3. How did you manage to do this alone?

Work of this magnitude cannot possibly be done alone. I have a team of people working for me and together we managed to meet the deadline while providing quality results.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being lowest on the priority, where do you rate your house painting skills? Why?

Realistically, I rate myself at an 8. This is because my work is exceptionally clean and the finishing is always smooth. I spend a lot of time preparing sites as I believe that work that begins well, ends well too. Additionally, I ensure that each coat of paint, any required embossing, and tinting jobs are done with the utmost care, following prescribed house painting procedures.