Entry Level Financial Analyst Resume Objective Examples

Updated November 2, 2019

For entry-level resumes, objectives help to set a focus and direction. When an employer picks up your resume, he is uncertain of what he will find in it.

A seemingly friendly and articulate first line (the objective) can put him at ease and urge him to pay close attention to the rest of the resume.


There is no standardization where resume objective writing is concerned, but to keep things easy for yourself, you can follow the following formula:

Describing the type of job you are seeking -> identifying career field or industry -> determining department or functional area – > adding qualifications and skills that match

In most cases, this works wonderfully. Objectives are “tell all” but they should be succinct. It is up to you which preferences to add to your objective, depending on how you want to be perceived.


Some categories from which you can derive information for your resume objective include:

Career field Industry
Functional area Organization
General skills Specific skills
Transferable skills Job title
Population Geographical area
Long term goals Short term goals

Out of all of these, you might be able to pick at least a few to get you rolling. Long term goals, job title, specific skills and career field all bear consideration for an entry level position. Some objective state tips that you must follow include:

• Keeping it job-focused
• Writing it concisely
• Avoiding general statements

Look below at the examples of resume objectives for an entry level financial analyst:


Entry Level Financial Analyst Resume Objective Examples

• Results-driven individual seeking a position as a Financial Analyst at The LaSalle Network using exceptional skills in identifying financial statuses by analyzing actual costs with forecasts. Adept at performing reconciliations and journal entries.

• Extroverted and diligent looking for a position as a Financial Analyst with Allstate Insurance. Offers knowledge of isolating key drivers, quantifying impacts and forecasting implications on the company’s business.

• Desire a Financial Analyst position at DTCC. Familiar with researching, capturing, analyzing and aligning fundamental data, with the view to ensure the company’s financial status harmony.

• To work as a Financial Analyst for AAA Company bringing exceptional skills in providing financial and analytic support for the company’s forecasting processes.

• To obtain a position as a Financial Analyst at Tampa Accountants employing deep insight into conducting variance research analysis and maintaining complex financial models.

• Desire a Financial Analyst position with Totally Business. Eager to create and maintain complex financial programs focused on the company’s financial systems’ health.

• Seeking a Financial Analyst position at Corporate Financial utilizing solid knowledge of financial reporting systems and analysis for assigned areas.

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