Customer Service Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 1, 2015


The world of chatting and texting may have taken over the English language per say, but there are still some standards that are followed where cover letter writing is concerned. No one wants to read a cover letter that has the words GR8 (great), thank u (thank you) or f9 (fine) in them. These are considered unprofessional. Do not use them. If you text talk to them, they won’t respond you.

So, what do we do? We stick to the old fashioned way of writing cover letters. One thing that cannot be old fashioned is the language though. We need to reach out to employers of today in a modern way. And how is that? By ignoring what cover letter writing has been for decades! The customary I am applying for a customer service sales associate job with your company needs to go. Think of better ways to open your cover letter. Make cover letter reading fun for the employer. Employers go through dozens of resume each day and after a while, they all begin to look the same! If you write something extraordinary, yours will stand out and you have a greater chance of being called in for an interview.

Easier said than done, you say? Let us help you out here with a sample cover letter for customer service sales associate resume:


Customer Service Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample


Evelyn Mason
253 Hilton Ave
Great Falls, MT 12521
(333) 333-3333
Evelyn @ email . com

October 1, 2015

Mr. Robert Simpson
Hiring Manager
5 22nd Avenue S
Great Falls, MT 19331


Dear Mr. Simpson:

As a passionate professional who has met all sales goals by a whopping 100% since 2011, I am positive that my candidature for a customer service sales associate position will be of interest to you. Integrating sales acumen and customer services abilities is a difficult task – one that I have mastered over the years that I have spent anticipating and fulfilling customers’ needs in a proactive manner.

During the time that I was working for Victoria’s Secret, I managed to increase the company’s customer base in Great Falls by 54%, which is 18% more than what any other sales associate has done in the past. This success brought me much in terms of commendation and increased bonuses, along with a chance to appear in the company’s commercial which is under production at the moment.

If we meet in person, I can provide you with a wider overview of my skills and qualifications – I will be in touch with your office for a time and date after few days. In the interim, please feel free to contact me at (333) 333-3333.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Evelyn Mason

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