Bank Customer Service Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: June 20, 2021

A good resume for a bank customer service associate cannot be written if its purpose is not first determined.

When you know why exactly it is that you are writing a resume, it becomes easier to write and the end result is nothing short of “successful”.

As a marketing tool, you can use the resume as a perfect excuse to put yourself forward as a viable candidate.

Take an inventory. Self-assessment works wonderfully. Communicating and articulating your interests, skills, and achievements affecting an employer, is critical to a successful job search – whether you are writing a resume or appearing for an interview.

When you know that you have sufficiently assessed yourself, you can begin writing your resume for the bank customer service associate position. And use this as a sample:

Bank Customer Service Associate Resume Example

Virginia Sanders
6 N Ohio Street
Jackson, MO 63522
(000) 525-9685
virsan @ email . com

Poised to create an exceptional customer experience at every interaction.

Motivated and enthusiastic customer service representative with a high-energy background in working in a banking environment. Demonstrated ability to meet and exceed goals, a knack for driving business, and exceptional skills in ensuring customer satisfaction.
Particularly effective in:
• Responding to customers’ inquiries by answering account-related questions in a swift and accurate manner.
• Researching and resolving customers’ problems by staying within the parameters set by the bank.
• Cross-selling bank products and services, based on customers’ needs and in accordance to the bank’s program standards.
• Participating in marketing and awareness campaigns to increase customer base.


Customer Service Associate
(Nov 2016 to Present)
• Greet customers and inquire into the nature of their visit by engaging them in conversation.
• Keep updated about regular customers’ accounts in a bid to provide them with superior customer services.
• Assist customers with funds transfers, automatic funds transfers, stop payments and service charges information.
• Cross-sell bank’s products and services by first determining customers’ needs.
• Assist customers in filling out account opening forms and ATM or credit card application forms.
• Ensure that customer information is properly verified before providing them with account-related information.
• Process cashiers’ checks by ensuring that appropriate information has been supplied on the checks and that signatures are verified.
• Indulge in marketing campaigns to assist marketing teams in their promotional efforts.
Key Achievements
• Increased customer base by 33% by employing exceptional marketing skills
• Brought many referrals through customers’ word of mouth.
• Led the team responsible for converting the bank into an “online bank” by using remarkable leadership abilities.
• Discovered a particularly difficult to decipher discrepancy in a customer’s account which had gone unknown for 2 years.
• Reorganized the account opening procedure, reducing the time for new accounts to be functional from 1 week to 2 days.

Customer Service Assistant
Sep 2012 – Nov 2016
• Assisted new customers in filling out account opening forms.
• Checked new forms to determine if anything was missing and provided feedback.
• Greeted customers and ensured that they are being serviced by a dedicated CSR.
• Performed photocopying, printing, and mailing duties.
• Assisted in counting cash at the teller and reconciling it against cash and check transactions.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Major: Banking & Finance

• First Contact Services
• Cross-selling
• Account Opening
• Account Management
• Complaint Handling
• Communication
• Online Transfers
• Security Policies
• Service Promotion
• Account Adjustments
• Corporate Liaison
• Relationship Establishment