Food Crew Member Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 20, 2019

The perfect starting point for every successful cover letter is a job advertisement.

If you are seeking a job as a food crew, read the job description thoroughly. Understand what the employer is seeking in the ideal candidate.


Once you know what’s important to them, all you need to do is to convince them that you have it!

Below are some golden rules pertaining to effective cover letter writing.

• Make the cover letter reflect your unique personality but, at the same time, keep the goal of cover letter writing in mind. It is meant to sell your candidacy, so showcase your best and most desirable skills and competencies.

• Highlight some of your professional accomplishments in F&B industry (If any). Employers want to know what you have achieved in order to anticipate what you will be able to achieve for them if taken onboard.



Food Crew Member Cover Letter Sample



Susan Radcliff
822 Wesley Sq
Houston, TX 56009
(006) 444-5555
susan . radcliff @ email . com

July 20, 2019

Mr. Davis Jacobson
HR Manager
83 Sunnyside Ave
Houston, TX 56009


Dear Mr. Jacobson:

I am responding to your food crew member job advertisement with great interest since my candidacy is a near-perfect match to your needs.

The following skills and characteristics are a reason to have a closer look at my enclosed resume:

• Proficient in taking and processing food and beverages orders capably

• Apt at preparing specialty foods while following given recipes to the book

• Well versed in operating high volume cooking equipment such as grills, ovens, deep fryers and the like

• Adherent to hygiene and sanitation guidelines applicable to commercial kitchens

• Excellent team player with strong communication and interpersonal skills

In addition to being an efficient food server, I have a track record of organizing various events in a professional and highly organized manner. Proficient in maintaining inventories, keeping track of raw material, and making required prep time calculations while being equally skilled in generating bills and accepting payments, my profile fulfills all your demands for the job.

I will call your office next Friday to schedule an interview with you. Should you have any query in the interi,, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Susan Radcliff

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