Electrical Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: July 8, 2016

Resumes are pieces of art, put together following a lot of thinking and with great talent.

The importance of a resume cannot be emphasized enough – the main reason any of us get a job is because we first present a resume.

But just any resume does not do. The resume has to be perfect in every sense of the word. From the first word to the last sentence, everything needs to be according to what a hiring manager wants to see.

And here is one just like that:


Electrical Technician Resume Sample


Richard Vader

20 Bailey Avenue ● Uniontown, PA 89700 ● (000) 414-7457● richardvader @email .com


Performance Summary: Technically savvy Electrical Technician with exceptional expertise in handling wiring and diagnosis of electrical devices. Exceptional fabrication, installation and diagnosis abilities aimed at testing fixtures and associated hardware. Customer service-oriented with exceptional communication skills along with a great ability to work with both coworkers and customers in a cohesive manner. Talented in:

• Scheduling and planning corrective, preventative and emergency repairs on devices, controls and electrical systems
• Effectively conducting calibrations of process equipment and variable frequency devices
• Observing equipment and adjustments using installed monitoring programs
• Implementing standard trade practices and procedures using appropriate safety precautions to produce quality workmanship


Preventative Maintenance Troubleshooting and Repair Electrical Adjustments
Blueprints Comprehension Report Initiation Safety Policies Adherence
Power Plant Operations Test Equipment Use Electrical Schematics
Safe Operating Conditions Wiring Assembly System Inspection

• Implemented a calibration system which reduced electrical breakdowns by 87%
• Trained 42 electrical apprentices in electrical work processes, now placed in 3 different office locations within the state
• Troubleshot a particularly stubborn electrical problem which had been in limbo for 3 weeks and which other technicians had given up on
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, thereby decreasing breakdowns and increasing customer satisfaction


Electrical Technician
Lockheed Martin, Uniontown, PA | 5/2011 – Present

• Read schematics and interpret blueprints before developing plans to lay wiring and components
• Install electrical and electromechanical parts of machineries, equipment and buildings, based on core structures
• Assemble and test electrical or electronic wiring systems and equipment by using both hand and power tools
• Diagnose malfunctions by using dedicated testing apparatuses and components
• Troubleshoot and repair problems in electrical systems
• Perform preventative maintenance to ensure that they do not transpire again

Electrical Technician
Lockheed Martin, Uniontown, PA | 2/2008 – 5/2011

• Suggested and implemented upgrades to existing electrical systems
• Assisted in planning and implementing upgrades
• Coordinated with vendors and suppliers to ensure delivery of required components and parts
• Conducted repairs and calibration of equipment and systems and install and debug associated sensors
• Performed initial inspection to determine issues with electrical systems and components
• Laid out wiring systems according to blue prints and wiring schematics

Electrical Apprentice
MetalTek International, Uniontown, PA | 3 2/2005 – 2/2008

• Prepared work areas by removing unwanted objects such as loose wires and non-compliance components
• Handed power and hand tools to electrical technicians as and when required and assisted them in operating them
• Replaced faulty circuit breakers, fuses and switches and replaced old fuse boxes
• Hooked up electrical appliances and components and performed tests on them to ensure that they worked properly

Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering – 2004
Uniontown Technical College, Uniontown, PA