Family Support Worker Cover Letter Sample (How to Write)

Updated on: October 28, 2021
How to Write a Good Cover Letter for Family Support Worker Position?

A cover letter for Family Support Worker Resume should be brief and to the point.

That is because they serve the purpose of creating a first impression – not necessarily to tell long stories.

Make sure that you avoid fancy fonts and colors, and the paper that you print your Family Support Worker cover letter should be white or off-white as well.

This will tell the employer that you are a professional and will work dedicatedly once hired.

The following sample will assist you in writing your cover letter for the Family Support Worker position.

Sample Cover Letter for Family Support Worker Position

Jennifer Bates
96 Smithridge Some Park
Silver Springs, NV 12322
(000) 859-6232
[email protected]

October 28, 2021

Ms. Sarah Connery
Hiring Manager
Source3 Services
12 ES Flamingo Road Ste 112
Silver Springs, NV 33433

Dear Ms. Connery:

This letter is concerning your advertisement on your website regarding the vacant post of Family Support Worker at the Silver Springs office. As an enthusiastic individual who is committed to strengthening families and improving the lives of children and family members, I would like to offer my services for this position.

I have a vast array of experiences since I have worked in family support capacities for almost a decade now. I am proficient in providing direct in-home services, including parenting skills, child development, and behavior management along with assisting families in establishing a support network with kinship and community. Moreover, I am quite well versed in providing daily support and teaching crisis management skills to families to keep them as self-sufficient as possible.

My ability to work collaboratively with community resources and the capacity to advocate for families when necessary are traits that will help me contribute to your company. Please refer to the enclosed resume that will provide you with insight into how I can be the perfect candidate for this job.

As a dedicated Family Support Worker, I’d like the opportunity of a personal meeting with you to discuss this challenging position in more detail. I will contact your office within five working days to follow up on this letter and will be available at (000) 859-6232 if you wish any additional information in the interim.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jennifer Bates

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