Detailer Cover Letter Sample

July 14, 2019


Cover letter for a detailer resume is a great tool to add charisma and professionalism to your job application.

It is unfortunate that most people do not understand how vital role a Detailer Cover Letter can play in creating a good impression on an employer.



While some people tend to think that cover letter writing is an overwhelming job, it is not that difficult if the candidate is aware of his skills.

Look at the following example which will provide you with a good idea how to write a detailer cover letter.



Detailer Cover Letter Example


Fredrick Pinto
721 Oil Mill Road
Danbury, CT 11666
(888) 888-8888

July 14, 2019

Ms. Emily David
Hiring Manager
2345 Tower Road
Danbury, CT 66633


Dear Ms. David:

I’m interested in applying for the position of a Detailer with ABC Co. as advertised on Being a part of the automobile industry for almost a decade now, I am well versed with the job duties associated with this position and will prove to be an asset to your company.

Working as a car detailer for Daihatsu Motors has trained me well in the art of cleaning and maintaining vehicles of all types. From managing work related to vehicle engines to providing body services, I am proficient in all related cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Moreover, I am highly skilled in using proper chemicals and equipment needed to clean a car’s interior and exterior. Not only this, I am experienced in maintaining inventories of supplies and ensuring that adequate stock is maintained at all times. Furthermore, I possess a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record along with the ability to operate a manual transmission vehicle.

I would like to meet with you in order to discuss how I can contribute to this position. I am available on (888) 888-8888 if you would like to speak to me. Also, I’ll call your office after two weeks to set up an interview at the very earliest.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Best Regards,

Fredrick Pinto

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