Bakery Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 4, 2015


So you’ve found what you think is the perfect job opportunity, or at least that’s what you think because that’s what the advertisement tells you. You’ve struggled a bit with your resume but even that’s ready now, and you’re putting it in an envelope or attaching it with an email to send it off.

Hey, wait! Haven’t you forgotten something?

Oh, the cover letter? No, you say, you never write cover letters. You just send off the resume and hope it finds its mark. Of course, it’s funny how you haven’t been called for any job interviews lately…

Well, you haven’t had any job interviews, because you haven’t been sending in any cover letters!

You see, what happens is that hiring managers get dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes for each job they advertise. It’s a terrible job going through all of them to see which people they want to interview, so they often don’t read them. That is, they read them, but first they always read the cover letters, which are much shorter and easier to go through. Also, while a resume will tell the hiring manager what the candidate has done in the past, a cover letter will tell them what he or she can do for the company in the future. So the hiring managers will read the cover letters and decide which resumes to look at.

You have to always write a cover letter as well when you apply for a job, because it’s the only thing that can make sure your resume is read. And that will make sure you are called to a job interview.


Bakery Manager Cover Letter Sample


118 7th Street
Duluth, MN 85854

November 4, 2015

Ms. Dorothy Briars
Human Resource Manager
Home Baked Treats
309 Main Street
Duluth, MN 23833


Dear Ms. Briars:

Being a long time baking enthusiast, I have wanted to work for Home Baked Treats ever since it came into business three years ago. Imagine how happy I was when I found your advertisement for a bakery manager in the paper the other day!

As an experienced bakery manager with demonstrated expertise in managing bakery operations, I believe that your facility can benefit greatly from my expertise in handling food service operations. What I can provide seems to be exactly what you have advertised for:

• Documented success in ensuring customer satisfaction, while maximizing productivity
• Demonstrated ability to manage bakery teams in keeping to strict deadlines, while guaranteeing product sustainability
• Adept at handling extreme emergencies by filling in for absent bakers as well as to fill unusually largeorders
• Familiar with maintaining correct product management for sustainability of facility

I can only convince you of my skills and abilities when I see you in person, which is why I would like to have a meeting with you. I shall call your office early next week to ask when you are free. Meanwhile, I can be reached at (999) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sasha Collins

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