Gardener Cover Letter Example

Updated on: December 8, 2021

Not everyone sends a compelling cover letter with their Gardener resume or job application, and not everyone gets an interview.

Many employers tend to discard resumes that do not come in with a cover letter even if the resume itself is written excellently.

A candidate must give himself the chance to appear in an interview at least and can ensure it by sending in an eye-catching cover letter for a Gardener resume.

Let us help you write your cover letter for the landscaper and gardener jobs.

This template is also effective for non-experienced candidates.

Sample Cover Letter for Gardener Position

Fredrick Mason
7 Highwood E Drive
Coventry, RI 66666

December 8, 2021

Ms. Anne Humbly
Human Resources Manager 
Acme Horticulture Services
888 W Neck Road
Coventry, RI 88822

Dear Ms. Humbly:

Having said this, I’m highly interested in the job of a Gardener at the Acme Horticulture Services that you have listed on your website. I love working in the great outdoors which is why I can contribute immensely.

I am a strong candidate for this job because I possess strong skills and hands-on experience in the following areas:

  1. Performing technical horticultural duties in accordance with landscaping modules and plans
  2. Planting and cultivating plants, flowers, and trees
  3. Performing routine maintenance tasks as required and directed
  4. Operating vehicles and machinery to perform all types of tasks along with ensuring maintenance and repairs
  5. Making repairs to irrigation systems and maintaining greenhouses

Furthermore, I am able to operate a weed eater, a blower, a mower, and a hedge trimmer. My communication skills in English and Spanish make my profile stronger for this position. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter which will provide you with complete details of my qualifications and skills.

I’d like to be considered for this position as someone with a background having a love for horticulture work could make a significant contribution to your team. I’ll call your office after two weeks to follow up and set a time for an interview. In case of any questions regarding my qualifications, I can be reached at 999-999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Fredrick Mason

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