Pilots hold glamorous jobs – or so it seems. In actuality, the job of a pilot is physically and emotionally demanding as flying a plane is no small game. This coupled with the great responsibility of the safety of so many passengers can be quite overwhelming.

Pilots work in commercial airlines and the military services where their main job is to fly a plane in order to transport them from one place to another. Before they fly, pilots are expected to check weather conditions and flight plans and ensure that all engineering maintenance has been performed.

Pilots need to possess flight engineering degrees and be licensed appropriately. Flight simulations are an important part of a pilot’s training and once all training is in order, a pilot is ready to fly. If you are a “fly-ready” pilot, use this cover letter to apply for the position of your dreams!


Pilot Cover Letter Sample


Fredrick Darick
839 Central Avenue
New York, NY 77733
(936) 999-999
fredrick @ email . com

November 28, 2015

Mr. Rex Rudolph
Manager Human Resources
7783 Emerson Avenue
Ilion, NY 92109


Dear Mr. Rudolph:

Nothing gets me more stimulated to work efficiently than the clear blue skies – and me in the midst of them! With 2500 flight hours’ history and 7+ years’ hands-on experience with ABC Airline, I offer my services as a Pilot at Air USA.

I would like to expand my professional horizons by flying to many other destinations of the world while providing the best of services to the company and its customers. For me, passenger safety is the foremost which is why I ensure that all maintenance work on the aircraft is managed in an efficient manner. With technological knowledge of flight engineering along with my quick thinking aptitude, I have been noted for 2 successful emergency landings when the odds were against me. Possessing these skills and more transferable ones, I am confident of my ability to train other pilots and work in coexistence with my team.

My resume speaks volumes regarding my experience and skills as a pilot and I will appreciate a meeting to discuss the same in detail. I will be in the city for the next week as part of my vacation and can be available for an immediate interview.

Thanks for your consideration.



Fredrick Darick

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