12 Gardener Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated December 10, 2021
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Whether you are applying for a landscaper position or that of a gardener, it is only your skillset that will decide if you are a good person to hire.

So regardless of the type of position or its placement on an organizational hierarchy, you need to be very vocal about your skills and qualifications.

The fact that you are a good contender for a job can only be made obvious if you make it obvious.

Use your resume particularly to make this happen.

Making the most of the space that you have on a resume, you can easily articulate your skills.

And the following is how gardener skills and qualifications can be written in a resume:

12 Sample Skills and Qualifications for Gardener Resume

  1. Highly experienced in performing core gardening processes such as digging, planting and weeding flowerbeds and borders
  2. Well-versed in raising plants from seeds and cuttings and pruning shrubs and maintaining plant moisture levels
  3. Deeply familiar with using machinery such as rotavators, trimmers, and electric lawnmowers to assist in gardening work
  4. Hands-on experience in handling lawn maintenance and cultivation activities, in addition to handling forking, mulching and watering duties
  5. Exceptionally talented at carrying out gritting, salt spreading and snow-clearing duties and assisting in preparing and planting rockeries
  6. Competent in producing various design and layouts of garden and grounds with special focus on aesthetics
  7. Able to construct fences, walls, ponds, and walkways
  8. Skilled in installing lighting in gardens and building / installing garden furniture and ornaments
  9. Proven record of effectively and efficiently sourcing inexpensive materials, plants, trees, and machinery by creating and maintaining liaison with vendors and suppliers
  10. Adept at excavating large amounts of earth from gardens and efficiently depositing them in skips
  11. Proficient in undertaking basic and preventative servicing and repairing of garden machinery and tools
  12. First-hand experience in laying out fertilizers and other chemicals to ensure that plants, trees, and flowers grow and flourish