A cover letter for beginners or entry-level candidates is a tool that is used to introduce a candidate to a prospective employer.

Having said this, it is an established fact that cover letters are an extremely important document in a job application set. Some newly graduated beginners erroneously duplicate their resume in a cover letter which makes the information in the resume redundant.

As a fresh candidate who has no experience in hand, you should keep in mind that a cover letter is, by no means, a duplicate document; it needs to be able to compliment the enclosed resume. There are certain things a candidate must keep in mind when writing a cover letter especially if it is the first time he is writing one. Cover letters simply convey a candidate’s accomplishments, skills and communication skills to an employer.

Beginner Cover Letter Format

A cover letter for beginners is a single page document written in the standard business format. It is generally written in a block format with one opening paragraph, a body which contains maximum of two paragraphs that focus on the candidate’s skills and accomplishments and a closing paragraph. Let us go into a little detail of each here:

Opening Paragraph
This is the most important part of the cover letter as it has the capacity to either catch the employer’s attention or turn him off! You need to specify the title of the position that you are applying for, demonstrate some knowledge about the company and highlight at least three of your key skills.

Middle Paragraph(s)
This is where your experience will be highlighted by highlighting your skills and accomplishments gained through education, volunteer or summer work. When you are at this point in your cover letter, make sure that have the advertisement in front of you so you can connect your own skill-set to the requirements of the job. Use of appropriate keywords here is the best way to ensure this. It is prudent to use quantitative information here so that your achievements and promotions are highlighted perfectly.

Closing Paragraph
This is where you sign off; but before you do, you need to reiterate your good points in a short sentence and ask for an interview. The last thing to do in order to end the letter is to provide specific contact information and sign off respectfully.

All cover letters need to have a properly maintained structure and content that jells well with the company’s requirements. Once you have this in check, your cover letter is definitely a successful one!

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Best of Luck!!