Entry Level Mail Clerk Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on June 30, 2015

A mail clerk cover letter accompanying your resume technically determines whether your resume will get a good read or not – so never ever undermine its importance. Most candidates do not invest much time or energy in cover letter writing and usually take it for granted. In reality, cover letter is an excellent opportunity for your candidacy marketing and it serves following functions in addition to introducing you as a viable and eligible candidate for the mail clerk position:

• Sells your candidacy in terms of transferable skills and relevant qualifications
• Helps the employer make sense out of your accompanying resume
• Positions you higher than you competitors
• Relate your skills and competencies specifically to the job you are applying for
• Creates excitement and leads to action on part of the employer

As explained above, the cover letter has multiple functions. If one document can give you so much edge over competition, then it is highly advisable to invest as much time and energy in the cover letter writing task as it demands.

Below is sample cover letter for mail clerk resume. This example is suitable for a candidate having no experience in hand.


Entry Level Mail Clerk Cover Letter No Experience


Ben Morrison

280 Spring Lane • Boone, NC 28067 • (003) 555 – 6666 • ben @ email . com

June 30th, 2015

Mr. Ronald Fredrick
HR Manager
833 Wesley Ave
Boone, NC 28067


Dear Mr. Fredrick:

I learned about your need for a mail clerk through indeed.com with great interest since my qualifications and competencies are an exact match to your job description. Please accept my attached resume and allow me to briefly explain what makes me the ideal candidate for your mail clerk position.

I possess the ability to sort and distribute mail and carryout overnight logging of mail packages, strong team work and customer service oriented attitude, working knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing and internet applications along with skills in operating motor vehicles efficiently in all weather conditions. My ability to make minor changes in postage scales, familiarity with institutional shipping and receiving procedures and excellent arithmetic computation skills can be effectively put to productive use. Strong communication skills and proven ability to understand and follow instructions accurately gives more weight to my application.

I would welcome an interview with you that will enable me to relate my attributes with the mail clerk position in further detail. It will also allow me to understand better, what you expect from me as a future member of your team. I will follow up on this application on Thursday, July 2. In case you need to speak earlier, please feel free to contact me at (003) 555-6666 or ben @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ben Morrison

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