Rehabilitation Counselor Resume Example

Updated on: May 11, 2022

You can look through the following well-drafted resume sample and customize your own by looking through it. 

Sample Resume for Rehabilitation Counselor Position

Angelina Fisher
56 Holly Lane, Clinton, MD 53522
(000) 999-9999


High performing Rehabilitation Counselor with 11+ years’ dedicated experience in providing both individual and group counseling to assist clients in adjusting to their disabilities. Adept at evaluating patients’ abilities and interests and providing them with constant care accordingly.

Successful track record of:
• Developing treatment plans based on patient’s goals and limitations.
• Analyzing patients’ social, medical and psychological information to determine levels of aspiration, interest, and motivation.
• Developing diagnostic plans to identify types and extent of handicaps and disabilities.
• Facilitating comprehensive plans and arrangements for special medical treatments.

– Plan Development – Testing Interpretation
– Counseling – Patient Evaluation
– Case Management – Abuse Prevention
– Behavioral Interventions – Diagnosis Interpretation
– Career Facilitation

• Successfully implemented a core rehabilitation program to help patients with chronic illnesses such as SLE and MS to integrate into society.
• Introduced the Help Bar Project, a one of its kind group therapy program for physical disabilities.
• Conducted 20 informational seminars on substance abuse prevention in 3 states.
• Trained volunteer rehabilitation counselors in handling testing techniques and understanding interpretations.


Rehabilitation Counselor
9/2016 – Present
• Interview patients to assess the extent of disability or addiction and record responses.
• Conduct psychological and medical examinations to determine the cause of disability or disease.
• Arrange for appropriate medical tests to be performed so that the exact condition can be assessed.
• Create and implement treatment plans to help patients overcome their disabilities and dependencies.
• Assist patients in reintegrating into society by arranging for specialized services for them.
• Recommend appropriate services for each patient, based on his or her specific disability.
• Coordinate efforts with patients’ families to ensure that proper implementation is carried out.
• Confer with physicians, psychologists, and occupational therapists to ensure the development of appropriate rehabilitation programs.
• Develop strategies to overcome patient employment, including inaccessible work sites and transportation issues.

Rehabilitation Services Aide
REAL LIFE, Clinton, MD
(1/2009 – 9/2016)
• Interviewed patients to determine the type of disability or dependency.
• Created records of patients along with their medical histories.
• Provided patients with information on different rehabilitative services and their durations.
• Assisted counselors in determining patients’ needs for rehabilitation and developing correlating programs.
• Provided support for implementing set rehabilitation programs.
• Helped patients’ families in understanding the extent of disability/dependency and providing them with emotional support.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Maryland State University, Clinton, MD