High School Counselor Resume Summary

Updated on: July 2, 2018

Opening your resume with a summary statement is probably the best favor that you can do to yourself. Why?

Well, a resume which opens abruptly is a complete turn-off. You have to give the reader some space and opportunity to get to know you, and what you want, before reading what your educational background is. Believe us – hiring managers are not interested in knowing what degree or diploma you possess unless they have first been impressed by your skills and competencies.

Here are some samples of resume summaries for a high school counselor position:

High School Counselor Resume Summary Examples

• Exceptionally talented and resourceful individual, with 7+ years of experience of working in a high school counselor capacity. Demonstrated expertise in counseling students to meet their personal, social, academic, and career planning goals, in sync with their strengths and limitations.

• Top-performing high school counselor with over 8 years of experience in working with students to help them determine their academic and personal goals. Highly proficient in interacting with students to help them choose the right courses, and conducting follow-up meetings post-master schedule development activities.

• Uniquely qualified High School Counselor boasting of 10 years of experience in providing counseling to high school students. Effectively able to provide individual counseling to students, and making recommendations regarding class selections, and courses and programs.

• Talented and competent high school counselor, with exceptional skills in the development of academic and career plans, addressing students’ concerns, and handling crises counseling activities. Exceptionally well-versed in handling professional development work, and program management initiatives.

• Patient, insightful, and qualified individual, with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, aimed at providing high school students with the best in counseling services. Deep familiarity with guiding an counseling groups and individuals through social, emotional, and academic issues, along with an exceptional ability to develop educational, and career plans.

High School Counselor

High School Counselor


Writing your qualifications in a resume summary makes excellent sense, as you are attuning the reader to what is expected in the rest of the resume.

A high school counselor resume summary is a short blurb at the beginning of your core job application document, which outlines why you are a good match for the advertised position. You do not have to be too elaborate here, but it helps if you can place details correctly.

A mere 5 sentences – at the very maximum – should be able to focus on what your skills are, and how you intend to use them to benefit the organization where you are applying.

Remember that you have to talk about your skills and abilities in a resume summary, and not your experience – well, not much anyway!