High School Counselor Resume Sample

Updated August 26, 2022
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High School Counselor

With technology leading us to create high school counselor resumes by following a set of commands, the whole process is losing a little bit of its personal touch – well, a lot of it.

You cannot depend on technology to impress employers who are not aware of how the whole thing works – and are not impressed by the entire thing.

Instead, use your head to create a good resume for the high school counselor position.

Here is a sample to help you:

High School Counselor Resume Sample 1

Sarah Foster
5585 Circular Road SE
Snohomish, WA 98268
(000) 999-5241


Visionary and trustworthy high school counselor with an unbeaten track record of relating positively with students, t, achers, and administrators. Extensive comprehension of child growth and development, with a firm grasp of counseling techniques and approaches. Works cooperatively and collaboratively with others to attain the common goals of the organization.

• Proficient in creating and implementing guidance curriculum to support student development.
• Proven ability to analyze student data and develop data-driven programs for intervention action plans.
• Able to provide responsive services to individuals and groups on both academic and personal issues.
• Effectively develops and implements student graduation plans and portfolios.

• Testing Programs Support • Personal Counseling
• Social Development Assistance • Growth Enhancement
• Discipline Assurance • Educational Plans Counseling
• Needs Facilitation • Referrals Building
• Common Core State Standards • Academic Problem Resolution
• Course Guidance • Special Education Support


High School Counselor
Snohomish High School, Snohomish, WA
5/2016 – Present
• Develop and implement student counseling plans with modern methods of teaching
• Conduct group and one on one meetings with students to determine their academic and personal problems
• Create, develop and implement individualized programs to assist students in handling their academic and personal issues
• Evaluate the progress of each student, determine strengths and weaknesses, and ensure that proper programs are created to address them
• Identify behavioral problems of students who may be at risk and provide appropriate intervention
• Complete assessments and tests and analyze tests to provide appropriate mediation
• Assist teachers in the implementation of special service programs along with mainstreaming of special service students
• Assist foreign exchange students in mixing and collaborating with local students
Selected Achievements
• Identified 3 students who were going through personal crises, and counseled them in a manner to improve their grades a step above.
• Introduced a social development program, which was considered 100% successful in helping students develop in a multicultural environment.

Counseling Assistant
Mountain Pine School, Snohomish, WA
2/2013 – 5/2016
• Coordinated efforts with the school office to identify students requiring counseling services
• Scheduled appointments for students according to the counselor’s calendar
• Interviewed students to determine their problems and provided first information reports to counselors
• Assisted in assessing students’ behaviors and provided the appropriate intervention
• Created, handed out, and assisted in filling our self-assessment reports to help analyze students
Selected Achievements
• Suggested the implementation of a unique education program, resulting in increased interest in the school programs.
• Successfully implemented a referral program, which was highly successful in placing students in meaningful jobs, post-high school graduation.

Washington State University, Snohomish, WA | 2002
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Major: Educational Psychology

Washington School Guidance Counselor grades 5-12

• Naviance
• MS Office Applications
• Database and SQL

High School Counselor Resume Sample 2

Justin Jackson
8 Hilly Road, Ames, IA52312
(000) 999-9999

Resourceful… Dependable… Organized

8+ years of experience in providing well-placed counseling services to individual students and groups, to help them achieve their academic, social, and personal goals. Highly skilled in creating and implementing core student counseling programs, aimed at assisting them to meet their individual goals.

• Successfully placed over 500 students in the correct programs, in a span of 3 years.
• Implemented a career counseling system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Introduced a transition preparation system, which helped students shifting between courses and programs deal with the intricacies and problems associated with the transfer.
• Identified 50 external resources for students, which helped them meet their academic goals, while within the school.
• Used data to develop school counseling programs, and evaluate them.
• Assessed student needs, and made referrals to appropriate school resource personnel.

✓ Student Evaluation ✓ Program Development
✓ Responsive Counseling ✓ Family Consultation
✓ Career Counseling ✓ Classroom Guidance
✓ Crises Intervention ✓ Community Outreach
✓ Transition Preparation ✓ System Support
✓ Relationship Building ✓ Program Review


High School Counselor
Adams County Schools, Ames, IA                     
• Engage students in conversation in determining their specific academic, social, and personal goals.
• Provide counseling to students to help them realize their goals, and how to deal with them.
• Develop and implement educational and counseling plans, incorporating modern methods of teaching and mentoring.
• Conduct both individual and group counseling sessions to assist students with problems concerning academic and social issues.
• Identify behavioral problems, and ensure that at-risk students are provided extra intervention.
• Complete student assessments and tests, and analyze their results accordingly.
• Plan and promote programs that enhance the academic, social, and emotional growth of students.
• Intervene in crisis situations, aimed at diffusing them, and ensuring student safety and wellbeing.

Counseling Intern
St. Adam’s High School, Ames, IA                     
• Conducted initial intake interviews of students to determine their academic goals.
• Assisted with filling out forms, and gathering required information and paperwork.
• Created and maintained records of students, accurately and confidentially.
• Worked with students to help them develop educational programs in accordance with their abilities and career plans.
• Assisted in creating schedules for student counseling sessions, and provided needed follow-up.

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Iowa State University, Ames, IA