School Counselor Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 2, 2018

Sometimes, the only thing that hiring managers look at is if you are able to handle work according to what he or she requires. And this is why it is important to put information of your skills in a school counselor resume.

There is a dedicated section for you to do this – do not leave it out, as you will not be doing yourself any favors by doing so.

To see what skills statements you can write in your resume, have a look at the following samples for a school counselor position:

School Counselor Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing educational and counseling plans and programs, aimed at keeping modern methods of teaching and mentoring in mind.

• Effectively able to conduct group and individual counseling sessions to assist students in dealing with academic and personal problems and concerns.

• Deeply familiar with assessing students to determine their strengths and limitations, and helping them deal with them effectively.

• Proficient in evaluating students’ progress, and reinforcing the sense of accomplishment, in order to encourage them for future endeavors.

• Adept at identifying behavioral problems, and providing interventions and solutions as required.

• Proven ability to use data to develop information from school counseling programs, and evaluate the program’s impact on the school’s instructional goals.

• Solid track record of effectively designing, and assessing the school guidance curriculum.

• Competent in planning, coordinating, and providing classroom guidance sessions to meet identified counseling competencies in areas such as academic achievement, and career development.

• Qualified to assess student needs, and make referrals to appropriate school resource personnel, social agencies, and alternative programs.

• Documented success in effectively intervening in crises situations, and ensuring that no harm comes to any student.

School Counselor

School Counselor with Student


The skills section of a school counselor resume needs to host at least 4 statements that outline you as the best candidate there is out there.

Make sure that your skills statements align with the requirements of a hiring manager, and you will have no problem reaching out to a hiring manager effectively.

Your statements need to be well-structured enough for a hiring manager to take you seriously.

It is often quite easy to confuse your job duties with your skills – job applicants usually write job statements in the skills section, resulting in a face-palm action at the end of the hiring manager. Don’t do this. Outline what your specific abilities are, and then make sure that you place them on your resume in a profound manner.