A cover letter for a mental health counselor position can boost your candidacy. Keeping the sensitive nature of the position in mind and the fact that this position is required to interact with people in need of mental health care, a cover letter for the same must be written very tactfully.

Ideally, a cover letter begins with a brief introductory paragraph of introduction, relating the candidate to the position being targeted. This paragraph is conventionally followed by the main body, which is devoted to convincing the employer why the candidate is ideal for the job. The last paragraph is the closing.

Following is a sample cover letter for a mental health counselor position.


Sample Cover Letter For Mental Health Counselor Resume


Margret Jude
41 NW 120th Ave
Redmond, WA 87331
Cellular: 888.444.5555
Res: (099) 444.3333
margret @ email . com

May 18, 2016

Mr. Kay Collins
HR Manager
The Well Being Center
57 Lake Ave
Redmond, WA 87331


Dear Mr. Collins:

I am very interested in the obtaining a Mental Health Counselor position at The Well Being Center.

Being a licensed and seasoned mental health counselor, I am fully capable of working independently and efficiently with clients. I offer matchless skills in all sorts of diagnostic testing and consideration including client needs assessment. Moreover, I bring a track record of effective counseling and therapy application in various domains of cognitive behavioral and humanistic schools. A diploma holder in family and couples therapy, I am adept at explaining therapeutic plans to the family and providing relevant counseling and guidance

My resume is enclosed for your review and I enthusiastically wait for an interview to discuss this position in detail. I will contact you later this week to follow-up. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at the above mentioned numbers.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Margret Jude

Encl. Resume