Resume Writing Tips for High School Students with No Experience

Updated on: February 7, 2021

High school students usually find resume writing an extremely daunting job.

The lack of experience and the fact that they are first timers adds to the anxiety that they may face when attempting to write a resume.

While employers are generally lenient towards entry-level students as they are aware of the lack of experience, they still prefer that a resume tells them something about the candidate – if not in terms of experience, then the skills and knowledge.

What is a High School Student Resume?

A high school student resume is a marketing tool that we use to inform prospective employers of our experiences, skills, and educational background.

High school students may have to rely entirely on their skills and education to secure a job; however, many students do have some experience – voluntary or part-time. This experience will help them stand out.

How can a high school student build a professional resume?

No magical formula guarantees a successful resume for high school students. However, there are some tips and tricks that one can follow to ensure the effectiveness of a resume.

As a high school student applying for a first time position, the first thing you must do is obtain a copy of the job advertisement that you intend to reply to. Once you have information on what a prospective employer is looking for, you can tailor your resume accordingly. Begin writing your letter in this order:

High School Student Resume Sections


An objective of a High School Student Resume is a short and concise statement. This section enables you to specify the title of the position you are applying for and identify the skills that you possess which are essential to do justice to the job.

Usually, an objective statement contains:

• Prospective job title
• Company or industry in which you wish to be employed
• Your relevant skills and how these skills will be useful for the prospective employer

Significance: A career objective is the most critical section of your resume. In fact, it plays the role of the sun, and other sections are planets that revolve around the sun. It gives them a sense of your career direction, self-knowledge, goal orientation, and motivation.


Seeking a position as a Hogh School Teacher with ABC School where expertise in imparting lessons and bilingual communication (English and Spanish) skills will be fully utilized to achieve the goals of the school.


You should write why you believe that you are suitable for the position you are applying for. You can specify related certifications, expertise, strengths, and attributes that you can apply on the job to meet the demands of the work.


• Bilingual: English and Spanish
• Computer: MS Office Applications, Email, Internet
• Able to interact with a multicultural populace


Specifying your educational background is important. Write down information regarding your high school diploma or GED and mention the school you attended and the year you finished high school. Also, mention any particular courses that you may have covered during or after high school.


Your job at the cafeteria or a voluntary position at a hospital seems not relevant to the position you are applying for. But if you mention this experience, it will tell prospective employers that you have worked in a professional capacity for some time and developed communication and professional interaction skills – thus making your candidature stronger.


Prospective employers are concerned with your activities outside the classroom. In fact, these activities show your management and collaboration as well as motivation to get the work done.

• Volunteer at XYZ Hospital – Summer 2020
• Captain, School Volley Ball Team, 2018 – 2020


If you have elaborated enough in the qualifications section, you may not need to use the special skills section. However, since you are relying on your skills, it is a good idea to identify your strengths in multitasking, organization, and communication to add more value to your resume.


Include your references on a separate page with the same header in the following format.


Dr. Juliet Davis
Senior Vice Principal, ABC School
254 North Street, Houston, TX 54121
(000) 524-9987, juliet @ abc . edu