Mental Health Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 29, 2018

Mental health counselors are essential healthcare professionals who assess patients’ psychological health and provide counseling to counter their mental problems. They deal with a variety of patients with different issues such as depression, substance abuse, and addictions and assist them in reaching their mental health goals promptly and effectively.

As providers of life-changing counseling services, mental health counselors primarily offer services akin to managing stress and anxiety. Since they are trained specially in this field, this information is deemed essential on a cover letter written for this position.

The following cover letter sample will provide you with guidance on how you can depict your skills as a mental health counselor in a cover letter.


Mental Health Counselor Cover Letter Sample


Henrietta Maxim

358 E 20th Street, Indianapolis, IN 67299
(000) 222-9877, Email

September 28, 2018

Mr. James Logan
Manager Human Resources
Mental Aesthetics
3679 W 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 63900


Dear Mr. Logan:

I am responding to the Mental Health Counselor job posting on your company’s website.

“Results-oriented”, “compassionate” and “behaviorally focused” are words that you will find in the enclosed reference letters from my previous employers. With a great focus on identifying and treating a huge array of mental health disorders, my professional background is sure to intrigue you.

The many areas that I have worked under the umbrella of mental health management include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, and anger management. Over the years, I have had substantial success with providing counseling to victims of domestic abuse and troubled relationships, which has expanded my horizons immensely; I have worked with both victims and abusers which has given me a keen insight into handling such situations by analyzing all angles.

During the course of a career spanning seven years, I have attained much experience in crises management in post-traumatic situations. My greatest achievement has been saving the life of a 12-year-old girl with suicidal tendencies by talking her through two very sensitive situations.

Ensuring that patients recognize problems, understand triggers and modify their behaviors is my prime focus with every patient. I have also been involved in three projects that dealt with patients who needed counseling to help them deal with life-changing events such as age or disabilities. I believe wholly in “coordinated care” which is why I ensure that I maintain meaningful relationships with my patients’ healthcare providers so that the effectiveness of both types of medical intervention programs is optimal.

My counseling style is participatory, which is the secret of my success with many patients with mental health issues. I would like to meet with you so I can further discuss the probability of my working at Mental Aesthetics.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henrietta Maxim

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