2 Mental Health Counselor Resume Samples

Updated on: January 29, 2021

Mental health counselors work with individuals and families to assess and address psychological illnesses or disorders. They provide counseling services by determining the cause of illness or disorder. They work in many settings such as schools, healthcare facilities, clinics, and community-based groups.

People who are seeking a job as a mental health counselor need to ensure that their resumes reflect their expertise, training, and experience in managing mental health issues.

Before writing or updating your resume, you should look at the following targeted resume samples.

Sample Resume for Mental Health Counselor Position

Layla Olive
6389 N Talbott Street, Indianapolis, IN 90000
(000) 999-9999


Experienced mental health counselor with a solid background in providing an array of behavioral health assessment and intake services. Highly experienced in planning and implementing intervention plans aimed at managing mental health issues. Exceptional knowledge of performing risk assessments and managing resources for patients in accordance to indicated urgency.

• Encouraging patients to ensure that intervention plans are carried out effectively
• Providing counseling services following the individual patient assessment
• Identifying and treating mental disorders
• Evidence-based behavioral assessments and intervention programs

• Created and implemented individually placed mental health management programs for the SOS Mental Health Management Systems Worldwide
• Successfully implemented individualized plans for counseling patients with addiction and substance abuse problems
• Conducted a series of workshops on life-changing counseling methodologies
• Wrote a paper on Team Efforts for Mental Health Counseling published in Healthcare Quarterly


Mental Health Counselor | 2012 – Present
Mental Aesthetics, Indianapolis, IN
• Assess patients’ mental health conditions by conferring with them and their families
• Counsel patients with an emphasis on promoting mental health
• Help patients deal with addictions and substance abuse
• Manage patients’ problems with self-esteem and mental and emotional growth
• Encourage clients to vent their feelings and discuss problems openly
• Collect and record patient information by interviewing them
• Develop and implement treatment plans based on clinical insight
• Refer patients to community resources or other healthcare specialists
• Evaluate the effectiveness of counseling programs and modify accordingly

Behavioral Aide | 2006 – 2012
ABC Mental Health Center, Indianapolis, IN
• Conferred with patients with mental health difficulties to determine their care plan needs
• Devised and implemented care plans to meet the psychological and behavioral needs of patients
• Developed trusting relationships with patients and families
• Completed case work-related documentation
• Assisted counselors in implementing behavioral management programs

Indiana State University, Indianapolis, IN
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Major: Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counselor Resume Sample 2

Robert Pearson
1088 Farm Road, Lincoln, DE 98002
(000) 543-3432
robpear@email .com


Insightful Mental Health Counselor with over eight years of experience in providing patients with core mental health counseling services. Skilled developing and implementing behavioral care plans, and ensuring their efficacy through monitoring, and tweaking.

Ability to collect precise information about patients through interviews and observations. Reviews critical incidents and conducts behavioral analysis to determine patients’ specific personalities.

• Successfully rehabilitated over 500 patients in 3 years, through the implementation of specialized mental counseling.
• Implemented a foolproof crisis management program, which proved to be 100% successful in handling tricky situations involving patients.
• Introduced a clinical charts maintenance system, which was 85% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Saved a patient from self-harm, by recognizing signs of distress during therapy, and handling the situations before it went out of hand.


Mental Health Counselor
Sava Care, Lincoln, DE | 11/2013 – Present
• Interview patients to determine their specific mental and emotional health needs and limitations.
• Engage patients’ family members in conversation to acquire information regarding backgrounds and medical histories.
• Assess patients’ psychological and emotional conditions to determine conditions and illnesses.
• Create and implement core mental and emotional health care plans based on the individual needs of each patient.

Mental Health Counselor
City Clinic, Lincoln, DE | 6/2010 – 11/2013
• Monitored patients throughout the implementation of the program, providing required interventions.
• Developed and implemented comprehensive goal plans in conjunction with patients’ requirements.
• Created and maintained records of patient information safely and confidentially.
• Developed individualized treatment plans based on clinical data.
• Monitored, evaluated, and recorded patients’ progress following measurable goals specified in treatment plans.

Mental Health Aide
Fifth Element Health, Lincoln, DE | 2/2009 – 6/2010
• Engaged patients and their families in conversation to determine their medical backgrounds.
• Recorded all information provided by patients and family members in predefined systems.
• Assisted mental health counselors in developing and implementing individualized care plans.
• Provided crises intervention, ensuring that the physical and emotional well-being of each patient was not compromised.
• Created and maintained patients’ records, and ensured that they were periodically updated.

Delaware State University, Lincoln, DE – 2009
Master of Science in Psychology

✓ Patient Assessment
✓ Intervention Plans
✓ Mental Health Monitoring
✓ Stress Management
✓ Counseling
✓ Crises Management
✓ Support Services
✓ Medication Tracking
✓ Charts Maintenance
✓ Case Managers Liaison
✓ Group Therapy
✓ Record-keeping