Wellness Coordinator Cover Letter (Example and Writing Tips)

Updated on: March 11, 2020
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Hiring a wellness coordinator is a tough job, which is why hiring managers want to see a cover letter that truly suggests that the applicant is worth it.

Typically, a cover letter for this position should include the candidate’s ability to create and implement wellness and health programs for clients.

Your cover letter should also include your ability to effectively promote and organize wellness events and activities.

Researching and developing other innovative wellness initiatives to actively engage employees and clients in wellness initiatives is also an important part of a wellness coordinator’s work.

When you write a cover letter for a wellness coordinator position, focus on your plan developing and strategizing skills.

Mention past achievements in implementing wellness and fitness programs, and reaching out to employees and clients.

Also, your cover letter should effectively highlight your ability to organize health and wellness programs for people, based on their individual requirements.

Wellness Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Jane Reverend
(000) 585-9977
[email protected]

March 11, 2020

Mr. Enoch Masters
Human Resources Manager
Lockhart Correctional Facility
212 97th Avenue
Atlanta, GA 55021

Dear Mr. Masters:

Possessing more than 6 years of experience in health and wellness, I am sure that I am the perfect person to hire as a Wellness Coordinator. My professional expertise aligns extremely well with the goals of this position in your company, which is why I am sure that I am the right person to hire.

My duties as a wellness coordinator at Ring Container Technologies included developing wellness mission statements and establishing programs for goals. Reviewing health physicals for new hires and current employees was also part of my work.

My experience as a wellness coordinator has trained me in a number of areas. At this point in time, I possess the following skills, which I am sure you will be interested in:

  • Preparing and implementing budgets and strategic, operational, and maintenance programs.
  • Developing campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Teaching wellness and fitness to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Selecting and supervising contractors, such as health and fitness practitioners.

Additionally, I am competent in responding to customer, public, and media requests for information about wellness programs. I am keen to learn more about your needs and would love to hold a face to face meeting with you.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jane Reverend

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