So your event coordinator resume and job application is already prepared and you are now ready to apply for your dream job.

What are you missing? A cover letter! There is no way you can send in a resume without a well written cover letter.

Look at the following sample cover letter for Event Coordinator Resume or job application that you can use to write your very own.

Useful it for conference, marketing, hiring, fundraising, recreation and special event coordination positions.


Sample Cover Letter for Event Coordinator Resume


Romeo Luigi

81 Example 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 85532
(003) 115-9899 | romeo @ email . com

July 2, 2016

Mr. John Albert
Hiring Manager
536 Some Street
Los Angeles, CA 96637


Dear Mr. Albert:

As an effective communicator who has firsthand experience in event management arena and exceptional customer service skills, I would like to be considered for Event Coordinator position at Cedars-Sinai.

I am highly skilled in planning the scope of the event, soliciting bids, inspecting venues, conferring with staff and monitoring event activities to ensure a remarkable event. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to review bills and approve payments. As an event coordinator at the ABC Company, my interaction with customers on event goals, objectives, initiatives, and execution plans resulted in increased efficiency by 30%.

Furthermore, I am a result driven individual who believes in working on schedules and does not compromise on time or quality. Besides event coordination tasks, I am experienced in controlling and monitoring budgets, and negotiating with vendors. I am also familiar with SXE computer software in addition to MS Office applications. My attached resume will further highlight my experience and strengths.

All the skills that I have developed over the years will help me contribute effectively to your bottom line. I would like to meet with you personally to discuss this further. If you need any additional information concerning my credentials, I can be reached at (003) 115-9899.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ramone Luigi

Attachment: resume