Enrollment Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: August 25, 2019

Applying as an enrollment coordinator will require you to write a resume so that you can put it across to the hiring manager, how well-versed you are in the many areas associated with the work.

How to Write an Enrollment Coordinator Resume?

Your experience and accomplishments must also be highlighted in your resume.


Choosing the right format is most important.

Equally important is to put in information such as your skills in reaching out to students in order to help them make informed enrollment decisions.

If this is the work that you want to do, we suggest that you take a look at the following resume sample:



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Enrollment Coordinator Resume Sample


Lucy Grayson
9 Yellow Brick Road, Virginia Beach, VA84653
(000) 999-6523


Highly accomplished enrollment coordinator, with extensive knowledge of working in partnership with college/school management in order to schedule information. Exceptionally talented in effectively planning parent information sessions, and handling the enrollment of new and returning students.


• Admissions Coordination
• Session Dates Setting
• Logistics Planning
• Parent-Teacher Engagement
• Application Process Handling
• Interactive Sessions Planning
• Strategy Development 
• Information Flow Management

• Implemented a unique admissions process, as a result, increased efficiency by 65%
• Introduced an efficient information flow management, hence, decreased information flow problems by 50%
• Devised a series on interactive sessions planning strategy, thereby, improved ties with parent bodies
• Trained 15 enrollment officers as part of their induction process


Enrollment Coordinator
YMCA of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA | 2015-present

• Plan, manage and lead enrollments from inception to completion
• Welcome students and their parents and provide them with information on enrollment procedures
• Schedule parent information sessions, by serving as a point of contact
• Publicize and communicate information session dates with parents
• Engage prospective students in discussion about eligibility and future goals
• Document and prepare student background check appeal submissions
• Create student files and folders, and ensure proper filing
• Provide assistance with housing needs and part-time jobs
• Complete and validate student admissions files
• Plan and organize admission-related events such as orientations and information sessions

Enrollment Officer
Virginia Beach College, Virginia Beach, VA | 2013-2015

• Greeted students and handed over information packs to them
• Reviewed new student lists and scheduled student appointments
• Assisted in the implementation of strategic enrollment plans
• Scheduled and conducted tours and intake interviews
• Produced and maintained enrollment files and folders

Bachelor of Business Administration
Virginia Beach College, Virginia Beach, VA – 2011

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