Enrollment Advisor Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 12, 2018

Position Overview

An enrollment advisor is an integral part of an academic environment, such as schools, colleges, and universities.

He or she is expected to attend to students, by providing them with information on enrollment procedures, and respond to their queries regarding academic placements, and courses. He or she is usually the first point of contact in an academic setting and is responsible for providing the right information, at the right time.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to work as an enrollment advisor includes a degree and some experience in a career counseling position. Also, you will need to be a great communicator, and possess the ability to handle many students at the same time, while remaining patient and helpful.

A positive manner and great insight into what the work is all about is necessary to work as an enrollment advisor.

You must be able to deliver presentations and speeches, as part of student outreach programs, and you must be able to prioritize tasks and handle record-keeping work in an organized manner.

Moreover, you must possess the ability to reach out to students from different age brackets, and personal backgrounds. Additionally, it is imperative that you can solve problems creatively, and can handle crises situations according to protocol.

To see what specific duties you will be performing in the role of an enrollment advisor, have a look at the list below:

Job Description for Enrollment Advisor Resume

• Welcome students as they approach, and engage them in conversation to determine their need for information and direction.
• Communicate with potential students through the telephone, via email, or in person, to build rapport, and assist with initial information provision.
• Review and research available degree programs and diplomas, aimed at ensuring that clear, and updated information is being provided to all students.
• Communicate with students to determine their educational goals, targeted at determining if the educational facility can meet them.
• Direct prospective and new students through the admission and enrollment processes, and provide the required assistance to returning students.
• Build classes, collect enrollments, and register students for courses, and degree and diploma programs.
• Review students’ college transcripts to determine remediation needs, and maintain admission files in compliance with state policies.
• Create and distribute student identification cards, to verify their eligibility for services on campus.
• Interact with representatives from all academic departments, ensuring that information inflow is kept going.
• Perform data entry work to enter students’ information into the facility database, ensuring that it is stored safely, and confidentially.