Enrollment Advisor Resume Sample

Updated on: June 12, 2018

A resume is an integral part of an enrollment advisor job application, but you may be stuck trying to figure out how to structure your resume?

Do not worry. Take a look at the following sample:





Enrollment Advisor Resume Example



Danny Riggs
69 663rd Street, Boise, ID26473
(000) 986-2541


Exceptionally talented Enrollment Advisor with over 6 years of successful track record. Demonstrated ability to engage students in conversation to determine their specific degree, and diploma requirements, and providing them with correlating advice. Effectively delivers program information, and respond to students’ queries and concerns.


• Outreach • Counseling • Suitability Determination
Enrollment Assistance • Department Liaison • Email Communication
• Consultative Processes • Data Entry • Leads Generation
• Presentation • Team Building • Student Support

• Responsible for bringing in 50% of the current student base, through well-placed outreach programs.
• Successfully entered over 600 records in the college database, within 2 hours.
• Implemented a suitability determination system, which proved to be highly successful in determining the right student candidates.
• Introduced a series of consultative processes, resulting in increased interest on the students’ part.


Enrollment Advisor
Touro College, Boise, ID                                          2013-present
• Greet new and prospective students as they arrive at the facility, and provide them with initial college information.
• Engage students in conversation in determining their academic and educational goals, and provide them with correlating information.
• Direct students through enrollment and admission procedures, ensuring that their concerns are addressed.
• Build classes, and collect enrollments to ensure that students are properly enrolled in programs.
• Review transcripts to determine eligibility, and remediation needs, and provide correlating assistance.
• Create and maintain records of students, and ensure that they are safely and confidentially entered into the database.
• Develop and implement student outreach programs, aiming to create students’ interest in college programs and courses.

Enrollment Intern
Guild Education, Boise, ID                                        2012-2013
• Welcomed students and provided them with necessary enrollment and admission information.
• Assisted students in understanding processes, and provided them with information on required documentation.
• Provided support in filling out enrolment forms, and ensured that documents were attached.
• Performed data entry work to punch information of students into the database system.
• Assisted in creating and implementing outreach programs, aimed at reaching out to the new student population.

Idaho State University, Boise, ID                                 2011
Bachelor’s Degree in Education