Enrollment Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 26, 2019

Whether you are being interviewed for an admissions coordinator position in a school or a college, you will be tested on how well you can provide information regarding your ability to coordinate admissions work.

At the interview, you will be asked questions that will test your knowledge of the work, and your ability to handle it.


Typically, questions about your ability to explain policies and procedures to students and their parents will be tested.

If you want to know what else you may be asked at the interview for an enrollment coordinator position, keep reading:

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Enrollment Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

What are some of the duties that you have performed while working as an enrollment coordinator?

As an enrollment coordinator, I have performed many tasks such as assisting students in choosing the right courses and subjects and explaining school policies and procedures.

In addition, I have been busy helping students and their parents fill out admission forms, and provided them with information on required admission documents. Moreover, I have handled filing and record-keeping work, ensuring that all information is accurately and confidentially handled.

What skills do you possess which make you an excellent candidate to hire as an enrollment coordinator?

I possess 4+ years of experience working as an enrollment coordinator in an academic setting. Specifically, my skills include the ability to reach out to students in order to provide them with information on the required admission documents and help them fill out forms.

Also, I am well-versed in providing assistance for housing needs, and tuition fee collection. Moreover, I am skilled in determining the right part-time jobs for students so that they can effectively work through college.

How do you handle the stress associated with this work?

I am a great multitasker, as well as exceptionally organized. I won’t say that I never get stressed, but when I do, it is usually easy for me to manage things.

What is the one thing that you would like to change the enrollment system at your present place of work?

The enrollment system at my present place of work is quite well-placed to be perfectly honest. I don’t think there is much that needs to be changed.

How effectively can you handle a large influx of students?

As I mentioned earlier, I am an organized individual, who possesses excellent skills in handling many tasks at the same time. I can efficiently handle many students at the same time, without compromising on providing quality services.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rate yourself as far as knowledge of the work is concerned?

I would give myself a realistic 8. While I know my work, I feel that there is always more to learn.

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