Enrollment Counselor Job Description and Duties

Updated on: April 13, 2022

Choosing degree programs and courses is perplexing, and college and university enrollment procedures make it even more so.

While most educational institutes provide detailed instructions for their enrollment procedures, prospective students can become quite confused at times.

Enrollment counselors are hired to assist prospective students during enrollment procedures and to provide them with guidance on college/university matters.

With the advent of technology and subsequent online enrollment procedures in educational institutes, enrollment counselors now have more on their plate than ever.

They do not only cater to walk-in students looking for enrollment guidance but also assist those attempting to register for online courses.

Enrollment counselors serve as a primary point of contact for students; they take telephone calls, answer emails, and cater to students in the office as well.

They provide them with information on what skills and qualifications they will need to meet eligibility requirements. Besides that, they spend a lot of time on the telephone, guiding students through online enrollment procedures, and answering their questions.

Enrollment counselors are also responsible for handling admission procedures.

They perform student interviews and make decisions about the eligibility and suitability of programs for students and vice versa.

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Enrollment Counselor Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Take telephone calls from students inquiring about classes and courses.

• Provide information regarding eligibility and suitability of courses and programs.

• Answer students’ questions regarding program availability.

• Guide prospective students through the college/university procedures for enrollment and admission.

• Assess prospective students to ensure that the required qualifications criteria are met.

• Serve as a primary point of contact for students looking for enrollment information.

• Answer emails to guide students about enrollments procedures and requirements.

• Walk prospective students through applications and perform telephone interviews.

• Provide prospective students with course demos and walk-throughs.

• Enroll students in courses by taking and entering the pertinent information in school registration databases.

• Maintain positive relationships with students to retain and educate them about college/university procedures and policies.

• Maintain proper and current knowledge of college/university processes and limitations.

• Perform follow-up duties on pending student applications by calling or emailing them.

• Participate in planning and outreach activities to put forward the college/university’s courses and merits.

• Prompt students to make immediate enrollment decisions by providing information about deadlines.

• Assist college/university staff during student orientation/induction sessions to provide them with information regarding campus procedures and policies.