Community Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 21, 2019

A resume for a Community Coordinator position can never serve the purpose of a cover letter.

Both documents are closely related but serve varied purposes.


While your resume will present a summary of your professional qualifications, a cover letter will make sense out of it.

It is the cover letter that will relate your profile with the job in question, thus impelling the employer to have a look at your resume.

Make sure your cover letter is employer centered, focused, and very specific.

An unfocussed cover letter serves no purpose and only wastes your time as well as the employer’s time, leading to a negative first impression.



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The following is a community coordinator cover letter sample for your guidance.


Community Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


Cecil Davison
(006) 444-6666
cecil . davison @ email . com

July 21, 2019

Mr. Michael Hudson
HR Manager
Friend’s Community Care
622 Every Lane
Roseville, AR 72932


Dear Mr. Hudson:

Do you seek an NCCAP certified community coordinator for the Russellville area who is self-motivated, detail-oriented with ample experience as a community coordinator? If yes, my resume is enclosed for consideration.

I have been actively involved in various successful community programs in the region, including foster grandparent’s project, light up the dark program, and various HOPE projects for mentally challenged individuals.

Following are some highlights of my qualifications:

– Excellent ability to conduct research and surveys, analyze data to observe trends and drifts in community services usage.

– Well-versed in initiating and developing productive collaborations with other existing and new community service providers.

– Exceptional communication, interpersonal, public relations and presentation skills.

– Resourceful individual with substantial knowledge of various available community services in the Roseville region.

Considering the perfect match among what I offer and what you seek, I would like to request an interview with you to elaborate my relevant skills further. I shall be in contact next week to implore a convenient date and time to suit the purpose.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Cecil Davison
(006) 444-6666
cecil . davison @ email . com

Attached: resume

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