Community Outreach Coordinator Resume: 2 Samples [+Job Description]

Updated on: April 29, 2023

Community outreach coordinators are hired by organizations that want to reach out to members of the community to help them successfully participate in outreach programs. They organize fundraisers and events to ensure the promotion of services that the organization provides.

As a community outreach coordinator, you basically create a link between community programs and services and community members. Depending on the organization that you are working for, your focus may be on anything including education and health. Whatever your agenda is, it is important for you to be able to deliver it in a way that the recipients understand and know how to take advantage of it.

You need to be friendly, outgoing, charismatic, and well-groomed as you are in constant contact with external agencies and members of the community.

A degree in marketing or communications is important if you want to work in this role so that you can understand the various methods that are used to reach out to people.

So if you have the ability to build rapport with people, possess exceptional listening skills, and comprehend cultural sensitivity, this might be the job for you.

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Community Outreach Coordinator Resume Sample 1

Leslie Logan
Macon, GA
(000) 956-5214


Accomplished Community Outreach Coordinator with over 8 years of progressively responsible experience in community outreach. Strong background in creating diversified annual fundraising plans in alignment with the organization’s goals. Keen problem-solving, analytic, and negotiation skills.

Fundraising | Special Events Support
Records Maintenance | Reports Management
Outreach Strategy Development |Donor Management
Volunteer Oversight | Materials Development
Connection Building | Scheduling
Program Collaborations | Eligibility Determination


Community Outreach Coordinator
Curt College, Macon, GA
6/2018 – Present
• Successfully implement a marketing and communications program, as part of the outreach effort
• Plan a high-scale event, which led to fundraising activities, covering 75% of needed funds
• Create 30+ diversified annual fundraising plans in sync with the organization’s missions
• Strategize outreach programs and conduct activities to implement them
• Develop and direct programs to establish and manage annual campaigns and event planning
• Build connections and opportunities with businesses, financers, and other agencies
• Coordinate marketing and communications programs, including social media and e-newsletters
• Maintain website ensuring proper information is provided

First Republic, Macon, GA
2/2014 – 5/2018
• Assisted in managing and coordinating outreach events
• Marketed and promoted services and programs
• Reached out to facilities for placement and referrals
• Coordinated professional presentations to community groups
• Maintained accurate records, and provided regular reports on fundraising goals
• Developed outreach materials and packs
• Supported the grant research and outreach process
• Assisted in cultivating new partners

Bachelor’s Degree in Communications
Georgia State University, Macon, GA – 2011

Community Outreach Coordinator Resume Example 2

Dave Smith
78 High Street
Biddeford, ME 38923
(000) 999-9999
d_smith @ email . com

Community Outreach Coordinator

A dedicated and customer service-oriented individual with solid proficiency in creating and implementing community outreach programs. Knowledge of working with diverse communities and indulging in engaging conversations.

• Demonstrated expertise in developing public education and information materials, presentations, and displays.
• Documented success in overseeing and implementing public events, meetings, open houses, and information sessions.
• Familiar with working with communications and marketing personnel to develop marketing plans.
• Adept at identifying, establishing, and maintaining relationships with referral resources.

• Community outreach and recruitment
• Outreach plan creation and implementation
• Marketing plans development
• New volunteers recruitment
• Conducting surveys
• Database and reports management

• Created and implemented a series of community outreach programs for a diverse set of the populace in and around Biddeford
• Led complex research and soliciting initiatives that identified and cultivated the best prospects for the obtainment of grants
• Developed and implemented plans which expanded the company’s presence in the market by 44%
• Improved current outreach programs’ efficiency by a huge margin by tweaking the communications angle and distribution procedures


Community Outreach Coordinator
Gift of Hope, Biddeford, ME
6/2014 – Present
• Establish and maintain effective and cooperative relationships with representatives of designated community
• Develop and implement outreach campaigns, grassroots programs, and special events to provide education on designated agenda
• Create effective tracking tools and maintain databases to monitor and analyze program effectiveness
• Identify, recruit, and train volunteers such as donor families, recipients, and healthcare professionals
• Write and edit written materials and web-based content in conjunction with program directions

Community Outreach Worker
Tanner Medical Center, Biddeford, ME
1/2012 – 5/2014
• Comprehended the need for community outreach by reading and understanding specific goals
• Created opportunities in the community through forums and events
• Assisted in conducting new member orientations and handling event resource requirements
• Initiated events and represented service areas at meetings and conferences
• Handled correspondence with vendors and grant providers

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication
Maine State University, Biddeford, ME

Community Outreach Coordinator Job Description

You can write a community outreach coordinator resume once you figure out what the job description entails. A thorough understanding of the position will help you write your resume in a more profound manner.

  • Understand the mission of each community outreach program and plan activities to administer it appropriately.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with representatives of the community and social and civic organizations.
  • Engage community members in outreach programs to increase their knowledge.
  • Develop content and materials for special outreach programs such as workshops, meetings, and conferences.
  • Ensure that each outreach activity is managed within the budget allotted for it.
  • Organize community meetings and events post-handling agenda creation.
  • Create outreach materials such as flyers, posters, and press releases.
  • Maintain social media sites to keep interested parties aware of program development and implementation.
  • Create and maintain effective liaison with prospective and active donors to ensure delivery of on-time funds.
  • Interview, recruit, train, and develop staff members and volunteers to assist in carrying out community outreach activities.
  • Prepare and maintain internal reports and coordinate internal meetings to develop local strategies.