Education Outreach Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated May 19, 2017


What is the difference between writing a standard Education Outreach Coordinator cover letter and one that will bring results? Plenty. Some cover letters are designed to entice hiring managers in a jiffy. Others are merely pieces of writing that provide information but no stimulation. You have to focus on writing one along the lines of the former.

A cover letter is usually a three paragraph document that works on the introduction, main body and conclusion rule. The first paragraph should effectively chart out what your main purpose of writing the cover letter is. In the main body, you should be able to describe how well-suited you are to the job for which you are applying. And the conclusion must be an action close that highlights you as a candidate who knows what he or she wants, and is willing to go to great lengths to get it.

Here is a cover letter sample of this type:


Education Outreach Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


85 Woodsbridge Dr
Katy, TX 21002

May 19, 2017

Mr. Christopher Cornell
Human Resource Manager
New Oasis International Education
711 Jessica Avenue
Katy, TX 66652


Dear Mr. Cornell:

Having spent the last 6 years proactively working as an education outreach coordinator, I am positive that I am ready to take up (and satisfy) the work priorities at new Oasis International Education. With my comprehension of developing, promoting and executing education outreach workshops and events that connect community initiatives, I am confident that your organization will benefit from my professional prowess.

Owing to a colossal amount of experience in recruiting, screening and training host representatives in the local community, and scheduling and providing community presentations, I have been the first choice of the management to build awareness and engagement within the local community. As an easygoing, resourceful and confident individual, I have always been received without criticism from local representatives, and have been highly successful in developing strong and meaningful relationships with community members and leaders, aiming to position my organization as an asset to the local community.

Strongly believing that education is every individual’s fundamental right, I have been involved in many initiatives where I have shone in administering education-specific projects, and serving as the facility’s liaison with schools, teachers, daycare providers and community partners. Hoping to replicate this presence at New Oasis International Education as well, I offer the enclosed resume for your consideration. I will contact you at the end of next week to schedule a meeting time, and can be reached at (000) 475-7574 if you need to get in touch earlier than that.




Katy Hopkins

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