To get noticed in the job application process of community assistant, it is highly advisable to send out a customized cover letter with your resume to every employer. Cover letters enhance chances of your selection by many times.

When writing a cover letter for the position of community assistant, the employer specified job descriptions must be kept in mind. Relate only those skills from your profile, which are required by the specific organization you are applying at. Mentioning irrelevant skills is not only a waste of precious space on your cover letter but it also tends to hurt your candidacy.


Community Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Michael James

844 Decatur St SE, Atlanta. GA 30307
(044) 555-6666 | michael.james @ email . com

December 28, 2013

Mr. Jacob Mathew
Kelly’s Institute of higher studies
62 West Peach Tree St
SE, Atlanta 30308


Dear Mr. Mathew:

Having come across your institute’s job advertisement for the position of a community assistant, I couldn’t wait to write this letter of interest. If you are seeking an experienced and talented community assistant, skilled specifically in enhancing student participation in university programs, look no further.

Some of my accomplishments as a community assistant are highlighted below for your review:

✔ Designed some really effective orientation programs for freshmen that not only attracted more admissions but also enhanced community participation
✔ Assisted the management in arranging four sponsor programs to promote and enhance student interest in community projects
✔ Resolved an issue of student faculty conflict and helped in retaining more than ten potential graduation dropouts

Gifted with unique communication skills, well versed in coordinating with management, faculty and students, and skilled in prompting community based programs, I could work wonders in the role of a community assistant at Kelly’s institute of higher studies. The results of my efforts will be directly visible in an enhanced student retention visible right from the first semester of my hiring.

Considering the alignment of my qualifications with your job description, I look forward to having an interview with you regarding this position. I intend to make a short visit at your office before this weekend to secure an interview time and date with you. In the interim, if you have any queries, or require any documents or references, I’ll be approachable at (033) 555-6666.

Thank you for your consideration.



Michael James

Encl. Resume