Arts and Crafts Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: November 1, 2018

Arts and Crafts Coordinator Job Description Page ImagePosition Overview

An arts and crafts coordinator work in educational institutes, clubs, and camps that cater to this area.

A person working as an arts and crafts coordinator has to be exceptionally talented in organizing activities, as well as creating new program ideas.

Also, an arts and crafts coordinator prepare work areas for members or students.

Besides organizing supplies and equipment for arts and crafts projects, a coordinator has to prepare students to work on projects. Basically, an arts and crafts coordinator help the instructor in bringing projects to the front.

In addition to the duties mentioned above, an arts and crafts coordinator is responsible for making necessary shopping trips to stores to purchase supplies.

Here is a list of duties specific to the arts and craft coordinator job:

Arts and Crafts Coordinator Job Description

• Confer with art instructors in order to determine arts and crafts resources requirements.

• Perform duties such as shopping and procurement to obtain supplies and resources.

• Assist in creating lesson plans that meet camp or workshop outcomes.

• Plan weekly schedules, as well as inform members/students about arts and crafts activities.

• Recommend arts instructors to students according to their specific interests.

• Set up and maintain arts and crafts rooms, and make sure that it is safe for students.

• Plan and deliver a wide variety of engaging creative activities to suit students’ interests.

• Assist in holding arts and crafts sessions for children as well as adults.

• Clean and store used the equipment after class.

• Research new and innovative ways of creating projects for students.

• Check stuff on a regular basis, along with performing any required repairs.

• Conduct initial and end of the workshop or club inventory in order to determine supplies and equipment needs.

• Inspect the premises so as to ensure that it is safe for arts and crafts activities and programs.

Arts and Crafts Coordinator Qualifications

Typically, a degree in arts is sufficient to work as an arts and crafts coordinator.

However, if you do not possess a degree but can perform this work, then employers may also consider you.

Besides education, a person working at this position needs to be well-versed in creating activities that result in tangible projects for members.

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