Karate/Martial Arts Instructor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 12, 2018

What is the one deterrent to writing a good cover letter for Karate/Martial Arts Instructor position?

The answer is lack of information regarding what the hiring manager is looking for in a prospective employee. Remember that hiring managers make it very obvious what they want in an applicant, and if you do not write a cover letter accordingly, you are sure to be rejected.

Look through the advertisement that a hiring manager has posted to determine what he or she needs specifically in an individual. Use this information to construct your sentences, eliciting information about your skills and competencies.

When you can make this match, you can write a perfect cover letter that the hiring manager cannot refuse to process. But remember that not all cover letters are accepted – yours needs to be exceptionally well-written if you want it to make you shine.

A cover letter sample for a karate instructor is provided below for your reference:


Karate/Martial Arts Instructor Cover Letter Example


August 12, 2018

Mr. Noah Manning
Human Resource Manager
YMCA of Hilton Head Island
38 Treehouse Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 60312


Dear Mr. Manning:

As a competent karate instructor with 8+ years’ successful track record, I am confident that hiring me will be a great decision on your part. Since I have worked in this capacity for so long, I am well-versed in handling the many aspects associated with it, especially where training students is concerned.

Over the years that I have worked as a karate/martial arts instructor, I have learned much in terms of training and instructing students in basic and advanced karate techniques to provide a quality competitive environment. With my ability to create and impart lesson plans to meet the individual physical goals of each student, I have often been called upon to help other instructors in creating their lesson plans. Organizing and coordinating karate team practices and physical workouts is my forte, and I am a pro when it comes to setting up and using equipment required for activities associated with karate. Also, you will find me to be exceptionally talented in weaving martial arts history into my lessons, providing students with a better understanding and appreciation of what they are doing.

I will be in the vicinity of your office on Monday and will drop in to see if we can meet in person to discuss this in detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Samantha Holden
(000) 333-3333

Attachment: (Resume)