Executive Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated May 2, 2017

Position Overview

An executive coordinator is perhaps the most important individual in an organization. He or she is usually assigned to a unit of executives or senior level managers to make their lives at work easy. Technically, an executive coordinator handles a wide variety of work such as correspondence handling, inventory management, event coordination and calendar support, allowing the executives that they report to, to do other things that are important.

Working as an executive coordinator usually requires a high school diploma or a GED, but if you have a business degree, you may actually possess a greater chance of being selected from the lot. One has to be exceptionally organized, a multitasker and a brilliantly well-put individual to be able to do justice to this work. On any given day, you might be asked to perform a plethora of duties that intertwine with each other, and it is up to you to make sure that each task is analyzed properly and handled appropriately.

The work of an executive coordinator is quite challenging. One has to be on one’s feet all the time and has to make sure that deadlines are met on time. Since executive coordinators often work on special projects, it is important for them to be able to perform quick and apt research and analysis, in sync with project requirements.

Here is a list of job duties particular to the position of an executive coordinator:

Job Description for Executive Coordinator Resume

• Create and maintain executive calendars, schedule appointments and conferences, and handle traveling details

• Perform research work according to provided instructions and ensure that appropriate reports are written and submitted on time

• Review each assigned project to ensure compliance with federal regulations and departmental guidelines

• Act as a liaison between executives and internal and external agencies to ensure proper communication

• Schedule appointments with clients, and ensure that any follow-up requirements are properly filled

• Monitor and approve departmental budgets and expenditures, aiming to curb extra expenses

• Organize meetings, seminars and corporate events, ensuring that all required materials are available on time

• Partner closely with individuals to facilitate and track meeting goals, agendas and resulting action items

• Provide detailed and thorough planning and support to executive-level meetings and special events

• Plan, organize, support and manage all logistics associated with meetings and travel requests

• Take and type minutes of the meeting and ensure that they are properly filed and recorded in predetermined systems

• Oversee office inventory and coordinate efforts with vendors and suppliers for accurate and timely delivery of supplies and equipment