Buffet Cook Resume Sample

Updated on: May 31, 2023

Writing Buffet Cook resumes is a big deal as they showcase candidates’ talents, skills, and experiences.

Resumes are considered the most crucial document in the candidate screening process, so they need to be carefully crafted.

Basically, a resume is a candidate’s profile – something that etches itself in the reader’s mind. Since it is capable of providing a first and last impression, it needs to be well written.

A buffet cook applying for a job will need to spend a lot of time detailing his aspirations, experiences, and skills in a resume.

Knowledge of preparing food for buffet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, along with an in-depth understanding of using kitchen equipment, should be part of the resume.

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Stumped? Read the sample below to see how you can write your own resume for a buffet cook position:

Buffet Cook Resume Sample

Henry Welt
27 Westriver Road, Henrico, VA 22246
(000) 999-9999
hwelt @ email . com


Creative culinary professional with 11 years of extensive experience in preparing a huge array of cuisines. Accomplished team leader with a track record of handling kitchen operations and ensuring buffet dishes are displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Well-versed in preparing buffet menus and directing food set-up activities.

• Skilled in following the prescribed menu to develop delightful-tasting entrees and appetizers.
• Competent at performing multiple culinary functions, including broiling and sauté.
• Able to handle food supplies inventory following restaurant standards and supply needs.

• Food preparation
• Buffet line/Fine dining
• Presentation techniques
• Temperature management
• Safe food handling
• Personal and food hygiene
• Quality management
• Food storage and rotation

• Developed and implemented a process that rang instant food spoil alerts (through an inventory system) when expiry dates are nearing, decreasing food spoilage chances by 70%.
• Decreased food wastage costs by 55% by introducing a ‘Waste Not Want Not’ concept, which gauged the number of buffet patrons and determined almost the exact amount of food needed.
• Increased kitchen efficiency by 60% by introducing an assembly line system to be followed right after order taking.
• Introduced Amalgamation Buffet Menu, a combination of Asian, Italian, and French cuisines.


Buffet Cook
Marriot, Henrico, VA
• Confer with hotel management to determine menu items for buffet tables
• Provide management with information on popular cuisine trends
• Develop core recipes by taking into account the hotel’s vision and standards
• Provide training to kitchen staff in following recipes
• Assist kitchen staff in understanding how to set up buffet tables
• Cook food in sync with developed recipes and procedures
• Oversee set up of the buffet table and ensure that each dish is properly filled and refilled
• Ascertain that the buffet line is neatly set up at all times during serving
• Make sure that food is fresh on a constant basis
• Coordinate food cooking time and anticipate restocking of hot foods
• Coordinate the rotation of food in storage areas
• Take and respond to complaints from restaurant patrons and attempt to resolve them in a timely manner

Kitchen Helper
The Patio, Henrico, VA
1/2012 -11/2018
• Prepared food items such as meats, fruits, and vegetables to be cooked
• Ensured that enough food supplies are available and ordered out-of-stock items
• Cleaned counters and floors in accordance with the restaurant’s sanitary standards
• Took out the garbage and ensured that it was disposed of properly
• Washed soiled dishes, glasses, and flatware
• Assisted in setting up tables by laying fresh tablecloths and dishware
• Refilled stations with condiments, napkins, and flatware

Dunbae High School, Henrico, VA, 2008